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seems most altcoins are pumping… do you guys think it retraces back to the 700s?


I don’t know. I’m not seeing much resistance in the order books to pass. I don’t know what I’m doing though so don’t listen to me.


I am excited to hear about this coin. Can you guys tell me more?


Indeed, there is a lot of fresh air between here and $1…


I just noticed that Enjin has a higher market cap than ICON. The crypto world is bloody nuts.


2% down on the 6 month chart. We’re crushing 3 month, 1 month, 1 week, 3 day, 1 day. Great signs (even if 35 cent coin)



Something is happening…:eyes:


Up on the 6 months!




You see a good buy zone @ 28 cents?


ICON sure has been crushing it lately. If you look at the top gainers today it’s #2!! WOW! This is good to see. I’m glad I topped off my bags at 18 cents.

If there’s a small dip like the chart above I will definitely buy some more. It seems very promising not just for ICX but for the entire market. Price action like this hasn’t been seen in a looooong time.


Slow and steady wins the race


Makes sense to me, no one is using Icon, Enjin is being used as designed and they have an outstanding secure wallet.

I don’t own any.


Hi mate, yeah it’s a previous weekly close/open that’s acted as support and resistance. so between 0.28c and 0.31c seems to be good value for me but I’m more focused on this being a swing trade rather than a hodl buy. Further lows are still not off the cards as the weekly/monthly ichimoku charts (my tool for determining directional bias) are still bearish so can’t be ignored. I suppose it depends on what you as an individual see as being value, I think the most important thing is to manage your risk be that on a trade or longer term investment. Basically the things that I wished I considered more last year because let’s be honest we could just as easily shit the bed here and drop to the 0.10c that most are praying for.
i could easily post a bearish scenario but i think enough people here show that so i just like giving something to bring a bit more balance.


Fast gains are often fast losses on a bear market guys … watch out.


No doubt, it always goes down quicker than it goes up. That’s why managing your risk is so important especially in shorter Tf trades.
I think this guy makes a very good point. Again not saying we’re out the woods yet but as many of us here suffered from disbelief on the way down I’m just as sure many will suffer on the way back up.

Also something we should all watch out for.


I might learn to trade. As of now I am a buy and hold kind of guy. I have insanely have been dca from 10k Btc down to here. I will never hodl again in a bear market. This is a test of conviction.

I have been cramming knowledge into my head since Saturday morning about ICX. I have been talking to people that like and dislike it as well. Seems like a good project with massive upside. I will take profits at certain price targets.
Finally, I know BTC is going to take at least on more dump giant dump. I think we all see it coming.
Instead of FOMOing in now, I’ll set price target. I have one at 30.1 cents I think. I am hoping it grows faster than btc.
If the market comes back to me I will be happy.
What is your opinion on my thoughts and plans.


Yeah I think your plan seems fine Eric, definitely a good idea to have targets on trades as long as they’re realistic and have a price where you’d stop out if price moves against you. Also setting low level long term buys is something I’ve done.
I’m honestly not the best qualified to give out advice as I made a shit ton of mistakes on the way down and have only really just started to get balls deep in TA this last year to try and prevent me from making those mistakes again.


I’m up…they see me I’m down…