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I completely understand what you are saying.
You have to learn somehow. I know that what you are saying is based on a SWAG…I mean your approach to TA. Anything I do is my own decision, I blame no one else.
Thank you for trying to help me along the way.



tbh i think we hit bottom, i do not see BTC going any lower it will hold at 3K , unless some like super horrible news comes out, the bigger pictures is pointing up


Looking nice Mr. Icon. :icx:


I have a buy order for BTC sitting at $3300, Incase the market falls down.


What magic number/ amount did we determine to hold in ICX, for life changing $$$?


$1 million ICX. For that moment when it finally hits $1.


Just one would be enough!!


Asking for a friend. Is the legit.


That’s a major bag right there.


Thank you time traveler. May 11th is right around the corner.


Old article bro.



Just curious if their was any truth to it.


This is one of ICON’s major partnerships, so yes it’s legitimate :slight_smile: .


if it is, its priced in already.


Thanks guys. Wasnt sure. One would think it would hold ICX tokes


Not necessarily… people panic sell if there is no “official” article from Samsung, so if it is 100% true and samsung confirms it in the future then were probably looking at ENJ gains (200-400%) in a quite market and potentially 1000%+ gain in a bull market in a very short time. Gotta feeling icx will come out with all the big stuff once the bull run is well underway and btc is 10k+. $1/day increases will be much easier to obtain at that point.



So we should fomo into cosmee or nah?