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just speculating, but assuming pantera being an investor in both ICX & BAKKT, i would think regardless it would just be a matter of time before a significant statement about it.

*not financial advice,
*seek a therapist if we dump.


I love the last bit. Seek a therapist if we dump LOLOL.


Looks like we have a brakeout, waiting for retest and maybe we see next pump? :slight_smile:


I like that, changing all the red bars to green bars haha. Always a bull.



And our beloved ICX is in the list :slight_smile:


You guys check out the reddit AMA? Good info in there.


Would you have a link??



Presents AWS use-cases as APN Advanced Technology Partner

Greetings from the ICON Team,

ICONLOOP is proud to take part in the ‘ AWS Partner Summit Seoul 2019 ’, which will be held at the Lotte Hotel Seoul on March 20th. The event is an annual conference for Korean partners registered in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Networks (APN) and IT companies interested in joining it. It will be a great opportunity for information sharing and networking between AWS and its partners for successful business collaboration.

ICONLOOP achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the APN for the first time in the blockchain field in Korea last February. At this event, ICONLOOP will present AWS use-cases as a blockchain representative. Edward Ryu, the CTO of ICONLOOP , plans to introduce key technologies of ICONLOOP, businesses using them, future plans, etc. during the “partner success stories” session after the keynote speech. Specifically, Edward will present a new milestone in the successful introduction of blockchain to Korean companies, discuss the blockchain ecosystem, and elaborate on the ongoing collaboration with AWS.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the World


BNB is only on one exchange and it is the binance exchange… anything shady you think is happening??


I don’t mean to be rude, but what does it have to donwith ICX?


Maybe, people who hodl their coins on binance, want to know binance reliability, because there is some shady stuff going on. But everybody knows, not your private keys, not your coins. Dont matter on which exchange you hold your coins.


A video posted up a year ago by one of the icx advisors.

Something refreshing to rebuild our confidence in such a visionary project


Icon needs to surprise us with an announcement like major bank in south korea to use icon blockchain for stable coin…


All in good time, I’d rather them be delayed but prepared… then rush and look like idiots for major flaws once a bank adopts their platform.


I bet the team has some Aces under the sleeve to be released once BTC bull run starts, otherwise they will be diminished while the entire market goes down.


I used to think the youtuber chico crypto was a spastic crack head.
But…um…i dont think so anymore.
He uncovered alot of stuff about Binance that really makes you think.
And that BNB…the fact that its rising and doing extremely well…only on one exchange…is odd.

I should have bought a ton at 5 bucks lol!


Yeah bnb is essentially always going to keep rising. It’s a one giant Ponzi scheme to do with the launch pad or something


true that. very true…


i know this isnt the most relevant post right now, but i feel like when things start shifting and value of ICX dips, people will start getting upset and start blaming the team. i know couple months ago, people were demanding that Min be removed from the ICON team which i thought was very unfair and people were making these wild assumptions ranging from ICON is exit scamming to ICON has no employees, etc. Even I was a target for people to attack too where a dedicated thread with people calling me “shady” with one user adding, “He IS a bit shady, besides being an asshole, who is the first to be unhelpful and ban people. Just another power tripping mod.” - i eventually did clear it up via PM because i was very confused on what was going on, and he did make an apology thread (which wasnt necessary and i didnt ask him to do so). Even here, we see people unjustly attacking Min and the project, and although im not actively involved with ICON anymore, as i said in that thread, i poured my heart and soul into the community, and would hate for people to start with the finger pointing and the community become filled with vitriol again.

Anyway, i know this thread is super focused on price, so I thought for maybe future reference, read this before jumping to any conclusions and criticizing.