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Not to allow?

You may be right in your opinion about BTC, but you may also be wrong. This whole notion that you constantly feel the need to downplay people’s investments in favor of BTC is really fucking annoying man.

I’ve already mentioned the counter arguments several times. Hedging, alternate use cases for DLT that BTC is unable to solve, etc… I’m all for supporting opposing opinions, but not when you keep ignoring that these concepts even exist. I might as well have been talking to a wall.

Also, this fixation you have on previous ATH is absurd.


ATH matters if you don’t secure your gains, which has been my entire point! You must trade to increase your position in said coin, trade back to BTC, or sell to fiat.

And you disagreed with that, which makes no sense.


You’re repeatedly referencing the later end of ONE cycle, which was the very first cycle for most of these ALTs. At the time they were all in their infancy and lacked any use case whatsoever. It’s a completely useless reference.

Secondly, the ATH is also irrelevant because from here out, all that matters is that ICX outperforms BTC over the long run. It doesn’t need to 19x to reach ATH in Sats. All it needs to do is beat BTC by a factor of 1.00000001.

This conversation is blowing my mind. There are no certainties here. No one knows the future. We educate ourselves to the best of our abilities, assess our risk tolerance, and invest accordingly. No one is right or wrong here, so please stop implying that you know the outcome.

This reminds me of the conversation with Crash where he insisted that he knew with 100% conviction that the bottom was sub $2400. Look how that worked out for him.


The bottom is NOT in until ATH has been surpassed…#letsnotconfirmuntilwecanconfirm


Where are the emojis…I need emojis!


Dude, I’ve repeatedly said that gains must be secured in one form or the other. What about that are you missing? “Gains” being a key word here. You’re intelligent, so I know you understand the definition of “gains”.


I absolutely agree with taking profits. I did in the last market cycle (sold at $10 and bought back in at 22c), and have a nice car and significantly larger position this time around because of it. But taking profits is not what’s been up for debate.

I’m over this though. I’ll step back and let you doubt your investment from the sidelines. :wink:


I’ve been saying you must trade back to BTC or money with Alts the entire time, man.


You were lucky/smart enough to take profits near the ATH converting it into fiat.

He suggests that it’s better to take profits from time to time converting the gains into BTC.

I don’t get why you get so irritated by his strategy since you did the same thing that he suggests: convert to a better currency (call it USD or BTC) because holding an Alt forever is a big risk.

Besides that, the forum is about having different opinions and discussions! So let it be


That’s assuming we have another boom and bust cycle. We may vary well have a boom and level off if institutions get involved. Crypto isn’t going to continue doing the same thing forever. You’re thinking with the past instead of future in mind.


I’m thinking with the future in mind. And I honestly don’t think that any of the current Alts will become a better currency (by better I mean more widely used) than Fiat or BTC.

Are they better investments? Absolutely, especially if you time right your exit. But also way more risky investments


I’m glad someone understands.


The earlier conversation wasn’t about taking profits. Now that it’s changed to that, I’m good.

I get pissed of when people go into a discussion and down play everyone’s investment. This discussion is supposed to be about ICX. Instead for the last week it’s been nonstop BTC maximalism.

You and the other dude are entitled to think as you please, and invest as you please. But coming in here and saying that BTC is superior and that ICX is only good for taking profits, is disrespectful.

It’s akin to me going into the XLM discussion and preaching XRP. It’s not cool.

Saying it once… that’s fine. I’m good with that. It’s a valid perspective. But a week of non stop preaching that ICX is a losing investment and that even if it does perform, that’s it’s nothing more than a way to earn more BTC… that pisses me off. Especially when he started going into other discussions and preaching the same shit.

If you believe that, then cool. Say it and be done. But otherwise respect the people here and move on.

EDIT: Clearly this struck a nerve with me. I’m doing my best to move on here, so my apologies to anyone who is equally irritated that I’ve been yelling at this dude for a few days. :joy:


well stated and something i probably needed to hear as well. this IS the ICX thread after all. but everyone meant well, no harm intended and honestly it was beneficial to hear both of your perspectives.

have a great day and weekend fam!


Thanks. I definitely went overboard though, so my apologies to @b.ellis08 :relaxed:


ICE (Bakkt) to list ICON:



Incoming pump to .000055 Satoshi’s before Nathan the Whale drops the price on us. He wants neither to be right or wrong but to continue the discussion.

He’s a glutton for punishment this way. Hah


Oh man, I’ll be wrong all day every day if this ‘whale’ bit could come true. Count me in. :wink:


On a serious note, no skin off my back, @Nathan_D. I never intended to shit on ICX and certainly to never get your blood flowing, bro.

Chillax. I hope you’re right.


Appreciate that man. I’d have sent you a heart emoji, but the Pub took away our most valuable tool. :joy: