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The same day this was posted I received the following 7 day suspension notice from the pub mods:

We feel that you can potentially provide great input in all threads, but all you’ve done is release a constant stream of FUD towards topics that don’t suit your needs, when they can simply be ignored. You’ve stated your point multiple times, and there’s no need to carry on. Varying opinions are fine, but constant thread derailment is not. Final warning.

I have a deeper knowledge of the ICON blockchain than 90% of ICONists. The same kind of knowledge that businesses and governments obtain when they start to evaluate the ICON blockchain. There is so much more to be told about ICON if the site mods want you to read it.


Maybe 1500-1000 now. I was basing that target on a diagonal trend line that still hasn’t been touched. It’s been a slow bleed as usual. But you are right I am not buying more ICX.




Fuck it. Post away. I mean, how much more can FUD hurt us lmao (not saying you spread FUD).


I give Min Kim the benefit of my doubt and say he needs to go.


or ICX (coin uses) was just another example of to bite off more than one can chew ?


or it was given out to fundraise a project. wasn’t promised any sort of monetary returns


I suspect that the reason you were banned (and why I was begging for a mute/block function), was because you posted like 50 times about the stress test, implying ICON is a scam. You were just way too emotional at the time, and it bordered on trolling.

Now that you’ve had time to return to your old self, I’m all for hearing whatever you have to say. As long as it’s not about the stress test, then post away. :joy:

I’m no longer a mod, but I support hearing both the good and the bad.

EDIT. Changed “calling” to “implying”


@Nathan_D you have a bad memory and I suggest you take time to look back at the posts.


Actually, my memory has always been very reliable. :+1:

The last thing we should do is revisit that mess though. :joy:


Quite a significant edit there Nathan.

What BLOC8 has been doing for the last couple of months is providing Factually Undeniable Data (FUD) about the ICON blockchain for new and existing investors. ICX was around 35 cents when we began to release the FUD and today it’s less than 22 cents.

We have received correspondence from several investors thanking us for providing the FUD and financially they are in a much better position now. Most existing investors don’t want to see the FUD as they wrongly believe it could lower their portfolio value.

It’s quite the opposite as the FUD needs to be acknowledged and addressed before the token price can achieve a sustained uptrend.

We are trying to help potential new investors make an educated assessment based on all the data we have and we are less interested in existing investors.

In the DM you sent to me yesterday you stated “There’s just so many red flags now.

BLOC8 has been waving those flags for all to see and sincerely hope the ICON Foundation will address some of the issues in due course.


Should’ve started here when ICX was $2 lol ! :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:


We have always been fairly critical of ICON if you check back over the last 18 months. We have much clearer data now.


Dont know which thread has caused more pain, the ICX or Bezant thread here in the pub :man_shrugging:t2: :beetconnect:


It’s getting to crunch time for ICON now I think, but one thing I will re-iterate is that in immature markets…value of something can easily be distorted for many reasons. I am definitely not saying there are not issues that need to be addressed by ICON, but at the same time things get blown out of proportion which ultimately doesn’t give a clear picture of the project in question.

There is a hell of alot of disregard and negativity towards ICON, but i would bet a fair percentage of that is down to a domino like mentality from the ICON investors. ‘’ Well if he’s out, or the price has reacted this way…then i am out too’’.

Old example, but do you think ETH or BTC holders got rich thinking like that. Absolutely not. ICON is not a sinking ship, it’s a project still very early in its development along with a multitude of others…you think icon is the only one? Come off it.

I am not a perma bull on icon lets get that clear, but i am also not going to be FUD’ed out more so because i still believe in the project. Time will tell if me and the rest of us hardy souls will be rewarded with our vision and commitment.


A large portion of the crypto investing space is just people who don’t know anything about horses gambling on horse races.


hang in there! i can relate to your pain as i finally capitulated a couple months ago after a nearly 2 year hodl. at the end of the day, its honestly just money. our lives should and must be worth way more than any amount of money weve made or lost. it may hurt, but it could be the best and most valuable lesson in our lives. its not what happens to us in life that define us, but how we respond and grow from our past experiences that make or break us in the long run. shit happens, we took the risk(s) and paid the price. this is par the course. i hope youll bounce back from this smarter, and stronger than ever.

wishing you the best of luck moving forward! if you would like someone to talk to,please DM me. if you prefer to speak over the phone we can exchange numbers ive sent you my email and contact info in DM.


Just curious @Blynker, do you currently have a financial stake in Icon? There are those that would say there’s game theory in producing fud in order to buy back at reduced prices. NOT AT ALL IMPLYING you’re doing this, just wanted to get some transparency on your actual position.

I’m still in ICX, although I’ve quietly reduced positions and diversified about 6 months ago. I’ve left a stack on my Ledger in the hopes that it can sort through it’s growing pains and maybe pull off a recovery like Amazon did from 1998 when it lost over 95% of its value…you never know.


So as a US citizen I have a choice to make. Just turn my head right now and wait until a Somewhat trustworthy US exchange picks ICX up. Or sell now to protect my investment? I don’t like this!!! I’m embarrassed at the amount I have invested. And I’m pissed that I live in such a police state! Anyone who is a US citizen and a lot more intelligent than me…? Want to share their thoughts on appropriate action? I don’t want to give up my stake but I don’t want to lose my money.


I’m a US citizen myself. Just an FYI, Beaxy is US compliant and supposedly shows a ICX-BTC pair. I’m not sure it’s active though as there’s zero trading volume.


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