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Greetings Cryotonation,

I wasn’t very active for a long time with so many stuff on my hand one of them is Icon P-rep application which you can read over here. We formed a fully community focused team and hope to hear your idea, feedback… feel free to get into conversation over here or other channels. If you consider forming a team please do it since community ratio on total applications are very low. You can read about other candidates here
The reason I made this post here is I learned about icon by cryptonation and I value everyone thoughts in this great community and we need that ideas to be better and bring what community want to reality .


Besides all that there will be a panel held for P-Reps. If you guys have any questions for other P-Reps you can also write here considering most of the investors and holders will vote for election.


Do you plan to own your own servers in the future? Or will it all be on AWS for the forseeable future? Also, will the backup server be in a different AWS region?


In the future. It’s a possibility we like to have our server but it’s more complicated than just buying and making a deal with isp.
I will list pros and cons came across to my mind right now.
Server will be ours and be located somewhere else than amazon server location which helps with decentralization.
We need to rely on isp we work with instead of amazon. Amazon significantly reliable that isp’s
In case of a issue our downtime and maintenance time will be significant.
Hardware failures will take so long to solve.
We can’t have flexibility and backup outside our server slot which takes away all the point on backing up.
On aws we will run 2 server in sync to be fault tolerant. We can’t do that with our own servers without insane investments.

After i wrote like that having a server looks like a bad thing. It is not If i need a storage for my company i could buy a server and run it over and experiment along with it but we will run it for icon blockchain which need to be high performance %99 uptime very reliable servers. Obtaining that with your own servers is very hard job which we don’t wanna gamble specially early stages of decentralization. Consensus issues can be catastrophic.


Appreciate the detailed response. You reasons are definately valid. AWS VS ISP makes sense. Also the costs.


For a server, cost is not a deal but for reliable system we need to build infrastructure with multiple servers on multiple locations. This is costly yes but building it efficiently and reliable is much bigger of a deal.


We are looking for feedback and ideas to make icon better feel free to contact over here or telegram.

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