ICON P-Rep Blockheads Development

Hello my name is Jennifer (Twitter @momofblockchain) and I am with the ICON P-Rep Team of Blockheads Development.

I am mostly posting to grab the attention of Yen_io, we are interested in featuring Yen in our first blockchain course this Wednesday as an example of establishing community in the new worlds we are creating. Please see more info on our course here:


A little about me and my company:

I am 20 year marketing and business operations veteran. I discovered blockchain technology after studying emerging technology and started my business in 2017. Since 2018 we’ve been working on an IoT that will connect water data to the ICON network, more information on that is here:


As a P-Rep for the ICON Foundation I have been travelling and speaking to groups in both the blockchain industry as well as fintech industry. You can check out my Twitter account @momofblockchain to see my very interesting October! Spoke to 25 VCs from Silicon Valley & NYC to “sharing” a stage with John McAfee (lol!).

Our blockchain technology course is very special as we are partnered with a local coding school that provides education to those who do not traditionally have access to technological education. The purpose of our company is to create social and environmental impact and we are certain that the students that come out of our program will use blockchain technology for that exact purpose.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing from Yen_io!


Bump- great prep with a massive potential! Deserves a top 10 @peter dont you think?


This seems promising for sure!


Great to see you here @MomICON. I am looking forward to see what you can achieve with this collaboration.

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