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Dear Peter,

I hope everything is going well. I’m writing to you to provide a quick update on the ICON project. More importantly, I’d like to schedule a time in the next couple of weeks to have a deeper discussion on ICON’s strategy going forward. If you are interested, please let me know some available dates/times (FYI - I’m in San Francisco, not Seoul).

The ICON Foundation officially turned ONE on August 9th! I think we can all agree that the past year has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. The core ICON project team is staying focused and working towards creating long-term network value. We are thankful to be doing what we love to do. We are grateful that we are one of few projects that is still trading above the ICO price.

We’re proud of our accomplishments so far this year - Samsung Pass, Unchain (LINE Joint Venture), Mainnet Migration (ongoing), Android Wallet, iOS Wallet, and Ledger Nano S Support just to name a few. But more importantly, we believe our future is looking even better. You may have sensed this in our recent announcement where we rebranded our Korean entity to ICONLOOP, detailed out the release of our source codes for the developer community, and doubled-down on our own project with the ICX Repurchase Program.

Let me briefly share why we are so excited going into our second year:

  1. Developers Portal is NOW OPEN - Developers are coming! DAPPs are building! ICON Developers Portal, operated by our partner De:Nexo, provides tutorials, sample projects, and discussions to support our growing developer community. Pycon Korea 2018 and DE-FERENCE 2018 sponsorships are just previews of a full-blown marketing campaign that will target the developer community.

  2. ICX-exclusive ICOs are coming - ICON’s ERC20-equivalent is called IRC2 tokens. Webloc, Mecacoin, and many other projects are beginning to fundraise exclusively with ICX. For example, Webloc’s hardcap is 11M ICX, or about 3% of current circulating supply for one project alone. We believe both early adopters (DAPP projects and HODLers) are going to benefit in a big way.

  3. Global accelerators in 4 major cities - Let’s supercharge these ICX-exclusive ICOs! Almost 60 DAPP projects have applied to join Deblock accelerator program since April 2018. We now have NEW accelerators collectively branded as ICX Station in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Singapore (4Q 2018/1Q 2019). Our goal is to eventually have at least 1 event somewhere in the world every week. One of the main reasons why DAPP projects like Bohdi are choosing to join ICON is the our unique ability to connect the global community. Please find sample DAPP profile book attached.Also, if you are in San Francisco on September 6th, please ask us for an invitation to our ICX Station: SF Launchpad Kick-off Party at the W Hotel (invite-only).

  4. Grassroot community movement - One of the most significant developments in the ICON ecosystem is that the we’re starting to see our community members stepping up to contribute in new ways. For example, ICON Community Alliance (HX57) was literally born overnight with 40 members. They are now translating key documents into 17+ languages (see Spanish, Arabic, French, and Chinese). This is just one of several organic community initiatives that we are beginning to witness.

  5. First dedicated news site for ICON - If you are building on top of ICON, we got you covered! New York has The NY Times, and now, ICON Republic has The Iconist. The Iconist will not only provide coverage for ICON’s growing ecosystem, it’s content will target new audiences through targeted online advertising.

  6. BONUS: - Korea is a great market - By now, you’ve heard the positive news on Korea. They say one-third of workers are crypto investors. Blockchain is a major category for South Korea’s $4.4 billion domestic investment plans for 2019. Major cities including Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island are all planning blockchain hubs. Korea is embracing the blockchain industry and ICON is best positioned to benefit from the uptrend. In the now famous post, Marc Andreessen argues, “I’ll assert that market is the most important factor in a startup’s success or failure. In a great market – a market with lots of real potential customers – the market pulls product out of the startup.” I fully agree. We believe the Korea market will take ICON and our DAPP projects to the next level.

So, what’s going on with ICON? We’re firing on all cylinders. We believe ICON is poised for another big year. However, we also need your continued support and guidance to amplify our execution.

How you can help:

  • Keep spreading the news about ICON! Talk to your friends, crypto enthusiasts, and investors. Forward them our sample DAPP Profile Book. Let us know if we should invite them to our SF Launchpad Kick-off Party.
  • Invite DAPP projects to join our accelerators. Tell them about the benefits - initial funding, amazing support system, and our incredible network.
  • Introduce us to anyone who is interested in joining our movement - engineers, writers, interns, etc.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,



those relationships yoooooo. :+1:t3:


Would love to work for ICON full time :slight_smile: .


i think its time to increase the weight of my bags


The last 10 days or so have felt like an entirely new ICON.

Iconist, Icon launch pads, pr releases, Markus joining the pub, emails from Min, etc.

The team is definitely listening to feedback, and making the necessary changes.


Couldnt agree more. The response we’ve all wanted. Credit to them


Good to hear. I hope they keep their marketing power going into the new year! One of the few projects out there that keeps grinding and pushing promotion.


Comunication is getting better and better!!!


That was sweet…sweet reading. I would love to work for ICON! I’m actually going to look into it :smile:


Sentinel went with EOS. So pissed traitors.


EOS is junk, good luck to them.


There are plenty of fish in the sea :laughing:


so much good news and so cheap! very good oppourtunity. the news makes me feel fomo because its so cheap haha


I kind of alluded to this in our chats on discord…


Will you be giving us a youtube interview like you did the first time with Min Kim?
Thank you so much for the information and showing us the email. Look forward to more information from you!


Yeh. Patreons get that though.


they obviously chose the better option for themselves. I seriously don’t get this football team mentality some people have, really dumb thing to have when investing.

Though the dumbest of these groups have to be NEO supporters who hate EOS because it’s “too centralized” or Steem supporters who hate EOS because they think Dan will leave it


I think there is pretty good reason to believe Dan will leave the project. He’s done that twice now.


he also left steem …


That article makes me fomo… probably just buy anyway, especially at ~$0.63


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