ICON Token Swap Underway With 'No Issues,' Foundation Says



Has anyone else done the swap in ICONex? I’ve done the swap, but my ICX ERC20 tokens have disappeared with no sign of the native ICX tokens appearing in my newly created ICX wallet I’ve waited 30 mins and still nothing. How long is this suppose to take?


It’s not started yet? Telegram admin saying they are still doing final testing.

Personally I would wait days if not a few weeks. We have 3 months to complete swap.

Or try at least a very small swap of 1 icx which is what i will be doing in next few days.


Thanks. I searched the Medium post and found this:

Looks like I can relax and wait for my tokens to be distributed to my wallet the next day.


Good way of doing it :+1:


Do we need eth in the account to do the token swap.


Yes, my token swap cost me around $0.51 USD. I kept around $10 USD in the ICONex ETH wallet for moving tokens around.


Ok cheers. May fund a bit in there so.


I’ve been out of the country and out of this for a while. my icx is still on my exodus wallet… been sleeping on them (hodl) what is the best way to SWAP THEM NOW? binance is too late,init? same for trx. pls help me guys. found no straight answer here. feel free to link me up :)need your help peeps! thx


If we trade for more ICX (via binance), it will already be swapped and we won’t have to do anything, correct?


cant transfer my ICX from EXODUS to the ICON Wallet… any ideas? Help needed!!! Are all my ICX lost?


Try accessing your ICX from MEW. You can get your private keys from Exodus through the developer menu.


Exchange seems like your best bet as it’s apparently going to be a seamless process on there.


Your icon wallet… are you sending it to a eth address in your icon wallet? Remember you must do that first, before you can create a mainnet icon token wallet for your ERC20 tokens to be swapped to…


can we still go the exchange route ?


I’m afraid you can’t. You have to use their wallet


eagerly awaiting a hardware wallet solution before I commit to the swap


A hardware solution for the swap…or…news that Ledger is supporting the post swap token? I don’t own one so I don’t keep up. I helped a friend last night migrate tokens from MEW to Iconex to begin the swap. Flawless.


A hardware solution to storing the tokens once they’ve been swapped. For now I am storing them on MEW because that’s the only cold storage solution for ICX


Yeah I am in the same situation as you HAC, holding most of my assets on a trezor, but got my kids to buy me a ledger for my birthday at the end of this month as I think Ledger will support the coin a lot quicker than Trezor thats if Trezor ever support it at all.
So i’m crossing my fingers for ledger support by end of August. :crossed_fingers:


I just re-bought in on ICX so they were already native coins. Then transferred to ICONex.