ICON Token Swap Underway With 'No Issues,' Foundation Says



I’m afraid you can’t. You have to use their wallet


eagerly awaiting a hardware wallet solution before I commit to the swap


A hardware solution for the swap…or…news that Ledger is supporting the post swap token? I don’t own one so I don’t keep up. I helped a friend last night migrate tokens from MEW to Iconex to begin the swap. Flawless.


A hardware solution to storing the tokens once they’ve been swapped. For now I am storing them on MEW because that’s the only cold storage solution for ICX


Yeah I am in the same situation as you HAC, holding most of my assets on a trezor, but got my kids to buy me a ledger for my birthday at the end of this month as I think Ledger will support the coin a lot quicker than Trezor thats if Trezor ever support it at all.
So i’m crossing my fingers for ledger support by end of August. :crossed_fingers:


I just re-bought in on ICX so they were already native coins. Then transferred to ICONex.


I just keep the paper wallet printed out and saved as PDF on an encrypted storage for now.

That’s same security than Ledger.


Is it the same though? I thought the keys never leave the ledger device. What happens when you plug on your encrypted storage and then unlock it? Assuming it’s a USB drive and not internal disk


It’s almost the same - when you copy/export your private key from Ledger or any intruder software on the connected computer copies/export the private key during your, for example, faked MEW actions, you are fu**** too.

You are never 100% protected when you plug in a device to a computer, most dangerous when the computer is connected to the internet, still dangerous even when the computer is not connected, cause maybe already infected by some malicous code.


Just done my token swap. Kinda want to change a few things when the swap has taken place. First thing is I couldn’t swap the erc20 tokens into the existing wallet I created before the token swap button appear. Ok grand. So I followed their instructions and creating a new icx wallet. Now when u create your new icx wallet it contains the same private key as your ETH address. This for me will change as I don’t want the eth and icx address the same. Any opinions out there.


I just put them on Binance a few weeks ago. Then they were locked for the following weeks, and now everything has been seamlessly moved to main net.

Exodus however, can’t store ICX once they’re swapped. That kind of sucks.


Can you point me towards some instructions on how to do this?


can you just transfer your ICX tokens to the wallet you created before the token swap. after you successfully swapped them?


I hope so, this is what I’ll probably try and do. Don’t want the 2 wallets with the same private key.


At what point are you at.?


nor Ledger :frowning: terrifying times we live in.


I haven’t done the token swap yet, just because I don’t feel like I have a safe solution for storing the ICX. I’m sure I can figure out the swap, but what do I need to do to make the paper wallet with the mainnet ICX?


hope and pray specter and other unknown viruses don’t someday steal all your bitcoins.


#still better then the federal reserve.


Not sure if there’s a paper wallet option yet. Just the app. You’ve still a couple of months to do the swap but you’ll have to make a choice soon.