ICONex Coin Wallet Balance


The transaction history shows that I deposited ICX, but the balance does not reflect this and shows that I have 0 ICX. Can anyone please explain why?


What wallet did you send them from, and did you deposit the older ICX ERC-20 tokens, or the newer Mainnet ones?


What’s up Nathan! I transferred my icx(erc20) from binance several months ago and used iconex to convert it to the icx token back in august.


Hmm, well, that part is good news at least, as we can cross out the possibility of having sent the wrong tokens.

So Binance shows the transaction as 100% completed? What about the block explorer. Everything looks normal there as well?


I may have it confused with IOTA, but I think ICON is still going through a controlled process on a set schedule for ICX conversion.

I remember getting stressed waiting after I converted,
but they did show up eventually. I remember reading on their site, or here, that they would let them through in groups on a given night of the week.

May want to read up on that, but breath deep, I bet they show up. Good Luck!


thanks for the reassurance duderes xDDDD <333


I’m a bit confused. Did you not already convert them back in August though? Is the missing ICX from the conversion process, or from moving them to and exchange and back afterwards?


If you had ICX on binance, didn’t binance converted them for you?


Is it possible that you sent the mainnet tokens from Binance to the ERC20 portion of your wallet?

We’re all confused on the details here. Maybe just post the transaction ID so that we can look at the block explorer and see if your tokens can be saved?


I have my first 20 icon on my Ledger S Wallet. trading with the rest. It was a little confusing to start with but figured it out. Guides were very clear.