Iconex Wallet Info on Staking?

Can you provide any links on information regarding staking on Iconex?

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Hey TravelBehemoth.

There is not yet any information regarding staking on ICONex. Here’s what has been released.

Icon Incentive Scoring System v1.0 - This is the 3rd part of the yellow paper that defines how the IISS will work -


2infiniti (@2infiniti on Twitter) is a brilliant community member turned ICON team member that was kind enough to put this staking calculator together. As I mentioned, he’s extremely intelligent so this calculator may not make sense to the average user. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it - you’re not alone. Further clarifications and simplifications will be available down the road.


So what is the time frame for staking? Excellent question. Community members have deduced that we likely won’t be seeing any staking until Q3 or Q4 of 2019 at best. A recent article in theICONist revealed the following:

“Choi is currently in the midst of the p-rep campaign, researching candidates and target groups and countries, reaching out to blockchain associations across the globe and strategizing for the actual p-rep election to be held in September.”

If the p-rep election is not being held until September, any results of such an election likely will take some more time to be implemented. I do not believe staking will be possible until this p-rep election has been completed, but we don’t have any official word confirming that. It just seems to make sense based on how the model is designed to work. The full article can be viewed here:

Hope this can help.


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