Icx charity fund!

Hi Team!

I hope everyone is well… so I woke up at 6am after having a eureka moment :joy:.

I personally started my crypto journey because apart from the financial gains, I saw a game changer to the industry through blockchain technology. So i thought, since we are still early in the year… maybe we should start an icx fund which consists of members anonymously donating 1 or more icx a month or week or whatever it is to an address controlled by the 2 most knowledgeable individuals in my opinion Pete and john.

Now once this fund grows substantially, and hopefully icon team follows… we can allocate the funds to causes that hit home for us, whether it be charities, or animal protection, or even providing food for homeless in our own backyards.

Not only is this a great incentive to promote our golden coin icon and also our great pub community down the track (which I genuinely think Pete and John deserve for all the effort and hard work they selflessly contribute to us), but it also gives us all a sense of team work in changing the world in a positive manner through blockchain technology 1 icon at a time.

I hope to see everyone’s responses throughout the community.

Thanks for your time guys!
Peace, love and puppies :grin:



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