ICX incorrect price in top square possibly others? - correct price overall in graph


Am I doing something wrong?

date: 2018.11.02 0429 UTC

I compared BTC, ETC and a few others - seems all correct but for ICX (not going to test all 3K+…at least tonight no) all seem correct
Price on upper top square is $2.12 (incorrect) price near chart is $0.6092 which is correct
During load/refresh price is still off but a more correct showing at $0.64 her eis the screenshot of load:

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It’s been like this for a while. They’ve been working on Yen non stop that I believe has this pushed back for now.

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Ahh - I figured - I saw some other “incorrect price” threads - but wasn’t sure if it was specifically this same issue. TY much - supah fast response.


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