ICX only showing HitBTC trades



ICX price is currently not accurate on coinpuffs.com

It seems to me that all ICX trade data is gathered from HitBTC, which to my knowledge is still trading IOU-s and hasn’t swapped to the real ICX for users.
Also, the main exchange is currently binance and there is also okex and huobi but trades made there (over 90% of the volume) is not represented on coinpuffs.com

ICX trades as I see them on coinpuffs:



HitBTC only does IOU?


I briefly looked into this, but I haven’t found any info regarding the swap from IOU-s to ICX tokens. So far I’ve seen many complain about not being able to withdraw ICX directly. Since I don’t have personal experience with hitBTC, I will stand corrected if someone says that they are trading official tokens and not futures.