Icx staking exit / resume

Hey, I would like to ask about staking - is it by default one year? Can one stake for instance 1 year and 2.5 months and exit afterwards receiving appropriate rewards. Or is it just “frozen” exactly every 12 months.
I am wondering how the market will shape out and either thinking about longer staking (but not a full year or earlier exit)

Thank you !

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Here’s an article on staking icx… In the FAQ is info on the lockup period.
I use a Ledger for icx webwallet. Staking is also available on iconex mobile wallet. I’malso testing out the new Velic exchange. Using Velic there is no lock up period while earning rewards. You can buy, sell, or trade your staked ICX anytime. Hope this helps…

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Thank you @FishinTx :slight_smile:
Yeah - actually seems as the most obvious one- but have not checked it yet.
Do you guys think that VELVIC is safe for that ?!!

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why is it called STAVING tho,
https://www.velic.io/?pagename=staving/stavingdetail&symbol=icx. .?

I would appreciate your answer and explanation.

So I have completed a month of test “Staving” Icx on Velic. Seems like all went well, besides the usual downtime for updates.
But rewards seem to be coming in like clockwork. As so why it’s called staving and not staking… we’ll here’s an article on that. https://medium.com/velicfinancial/velic-staving-service-for-staking-now-available-9f02623b7c69

Remember the saying though… Not your keys, Not your coins!

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and can you please explain how unstaking looks like (exiting with coins)
do you have to do that every year or is it possible to unstake it at any moment and (it takes between 5 - 20 days right?)

You can immediately use any coins that are staked.

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I imagine staving earns much less than staking

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But I read on the official ICX website that to unstake from the wallet (depending on the amount (it takes between 5 - 20 days right…)

I think that is their strategy way to go, can anyone please confirm?
Thank you !

unstaking depends on total amount staked in the system. currently unstaking takes about 8 to 9 days.

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Awesome - thanks a lot !
Finally got the answer :wink:
and obviously it could change like during 2021 ( I mean it could be like 9 -14 days or so)?

so don’t have to wait like in yearly terms but claim it, unstake it and stop getting dividends and there I go got them in my wallet and can transfer to any exchange with ICX, right?

Thanks once again !!
Enjoy your weekend everyone :smiley:

I’m back in the icx game now. And staking does look interesting but I just don’t want to tie in . Can you take out as you wish ?

Yep. It take a few days tho


I’ve been staking for a year, and I’ve earned nearly 2000 icx. Sure, smart trading would’ve beaten that, but as a holder, it’s been awesome. It’s really helping my avg buy price drop.


Same with me @dearscotty - after few upcoming months I will be close to around 15 000…
it is helping my avg buy price drop & also not to worry so much about price swings. One does not care that much about the bull market whether it would come sooner or so - bcs meanwhile creating more ICX :smiley:

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@dearscotty just answered your question above…

I dropped my average price. So much so that I’m now green. Like wtf! Haven’t been green with icx since 2018.


Congrats bud - that’s a great feat! I still need it to hit 60c to break even - which I think is quite impressive since I had a DCA of $8 at one point

Edit: in the green too haha

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To have once been down 96% to finally leveling out is awesome. The current dip got me in red again, but with staking increasing my stack (and lowering avg buy), and more good news around the corner, plenty of reasons to keep head up.


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