If your DNA has done nothing wrong, it has nothing to hide


No thanks. I’m not giving the government any info about my DNA. Although I have heard about a case where a man was caught without his DNA being given. They obtained the DNA of his siblings and deduced that if there was a male child in that family then he must be the murderer since the sibling’s DNA shared rare genetic markers with the perpetrator.

Give me some universal health care and I’ll think about donating my DNA asshats.


There are plenty of countries where you can get universal health care. For the most part, it is awful but if you really want it, you could just move to one of them.


LOL, Universal health care is not awful it’s vastly superior to what we have now. We’re pretty much the only 1st world country left without it. Cutting out the health insurance companies making billions already saves a massive amount of money. Then there’s stream lining everything else under one entity and cutting down absurd costs. Some things are just more efficient when the expenses are pooled together and individuals are not fighting with giant corporations.

Our current system is absolutely horrible. Get cancer or need brain surgery and you have to sell your house and declare bankruptcy. Medical bills is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country. Not failed businesses, not poor financial decisions, health care… Let that sink in for a bit.

How many people in Canada, UK, Switzerland, Norway etc… have declared bankruptcy due to medical bills? ZERO!!

Our system only serves the rich. Everyone else be damned if they get sick. We should not be getting gouged for getting sick. No one should be making profit off others needing healthcare.


LOL. It is awful and a huge failure in most countries where it is being tried. Especially in Canada and the UK. The problems with health care in the US is too much government involvement, not too little.



“Father” of Canadian Health Care Admits its a Failure

Just yesterday, I wrote about how unpopular the British healthcare system has become. Today comes news that the man largely responsible for Canada’s conversion to a single-payer health care system has admitted the system’s failure:

“Back in the 1960s, (Claude) Castonguay chaired a Canadian government committee studying health reform and recommended that his home province of Quebec — then the largest and most affluent in the country — adopt government-administered health care, covering all citizens through tax levies.

The government followed his advice, leading to his modern-day moniker: “the father of Quebec medicare.” Even this title seems modest; Castonguay’s work triggered a domino effect across the country, until eventually his ideas were implemented from coast to coast.”

Four decades later, as the chairman of a government committee reviewing Quebec health care this year, Castonguay concluded that the system is in “crisis.”

“We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it,” says Castonguay. But now he prescribes a radical overhaul: “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.”

As more and more nations throughout the world seek to infuse more private, market-based solutions into their government-controlled healthcare systems, for some reason lefties in this country want to make the same mistake that countries like Canada made decades ago. Let’s hope voters in North Carolina and across the US wake up, or else we may be forced to confront “rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money” into a system that even one of its pioneers admits to being a failure.


Too much government involvement? No, healthcare started getting out of control around the time it stopped being illegal to make profit off health insurance. Allowing companies to make profit off of healthcare is basically the worst thing Nixon ever did to this country. Far worse than Watergate. In the past 20 years companies really started to gouge people, not just insurance companies but hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as well.

Now we have huge, powerful corporations sucking US citizens dry for every dollar they have when they get sick and even when they’re not sick thanks to absurd insurance rates.

People arguing against it and other social programs are blind to the fact that rich corporations simply rob the general public without them. Capitalism with socialist programs is the best way to ensure your tax dollars benefit society as a whole instead of just rich corporations leeching this country dry.


LOL. You’re a funny man.

If you really want to be taxed an additional 50% so you can wait 9 months for routine surgery, why not move to Canada or the UK?


Got anything to site that isn’t from obscure, right wing, redneck chronicles? You got some super “unbiased” snippets to share from FOX and Friends as well? Conservative, Redneck propaganda doesn’t count as research.

Here’s another article from you great source: Homosexual Agenda Trumps Freedom of Conscience. LMAO, gay bashing as well. I’m surprised it doesn’t mention invisible sky men watching over us and judging us for every abortion that’s carried out.


Yes. The first link and the last link.

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A great comment on your article that sums up my views precisely:

The article excerpt posted doesn’t say he supports dismantling the Canadian system and going to a US-style, laissez-faire, private market system, just that he wants to see some private insurance and private provider services added into the mix – which is exactly what is being discussed for the US (a private/public mix). So, Castonguay is really advocating for the proposed US reform.

Despite the Manhattan Institute being yet another right-wing orgaization cranking out the right-wing propoganda :yawn:, I agree with him – I would be delighted to see a primarily public US healthcare system, with private insurance available for those who really feel the need to get ripped off by the for-profit insurance companies. Let’s follow Castonguay’s excellent advice!


You are mainly just promoting right wing propaganda.

The conservative right is great at convincing poor, rural Americans that what’s good for them is what’s good for the top elite who have billions. Tell them that socialism = communism and they lap it up like a kitten.

The right is mainly the uninformed, ignorant, religious and blind followers. Those who universal heath care would really help the most. Those that it would hurt are members of the health insurance/big pharma industrial complex. They lobby all day convincing all the conservatives and red necks that socialism = bad because Russia and Venezuala, DERP. Those are examples of dictatorships, not socialism.

Plus a democratic, capitalistic socialism is dramatically different from communistic socialism. However, educating the right wingers and getting them to believe in what’s actually good for them is nearly impossible.

The right continues to support Trump even while he slits their throats and slashes everything that keeps them afloat. Medicaire, Medicaide. Social Security, Subsidies for small farmers, etc… A rural lady will continue to support the right even while it robs her of her insulin payments. Ignorance is bliss I suppose, until you die without medical care.

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You are just promoting failed left wing propaganda and labeling while being clueless. You are stuck in the left vs right. It is typical. Greedy, enviest and gullible like all “Progressives.”

I am sure you are a Paul Krugman fan, you see this?

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Just to chime in I am from Sweden and living in Sweden right now. I do think the system has worked great up until a few years ago. But the problem is not that the system doesn’t work it is that at the moment there is not enough people paying into the system and to many taking advantage of it. I think that could be fixed with rules like you have to have paid taxes for 2-3 years before you have the right to use the system or something similar.

But unfortunately I can say from own experience the system is not working right now. I ripped something in my shoulder and it took 1 month to get a doctor to look at it, then he said he would get me a MRI time, I got a document home stating that they cant schedule one until 10 months later. I dont find this acceptable. But to counter that we did have a working system about 10 years ago and I could get the same MRI within a week.

I personally do think both systems can work depending on if you wanna pay high taxes for security or you wanna make your own decisions on healthcare.


How is wanting all Americans to have access to medical care greedy? It’s the corporations making billions off the public while average citizen are declaring bankruptcy that’s greedy. Every action the right has taken regarding healthcare has robbed the public and given to conglomerates.

Healthcare needs to be non-profit again. Health insurance needs to make no profit ever. No company should be incentivized to deny people medical procedures.


Yeah, the US could easily make it work. The US is quite a bit different than most other countries with universal health care because we have a massive economy to make it work easier. For example California alone has as big an economy as the UK and the economy of Texas is equal to Canada’s.

Cut out massive health insurance profits and spend less money on the military industrial complex. We spend more than the next 7 countries combined, most of which are our allies. It’s absurdly unnecessary.

What has caused the problem in Sweden? Is it a massive influx of immigrants not paying into the system?


Yes that is definitely part of it. Our healthcare system opens up directly when you get to Sweden which means that there is a lot of people taking advantage of it and not having a job etc to pay taxes into the system to make it work. But not only that in my opinion our government have spent a lot of money on dumb ventures that is not necessary like subsidizing electric car purchases instead of putting that toward our healthcare system. They also tried subsidizing electric bikes for about 300 million dollars but I don’t think it went through. To summaries immigrants are part of it but also dumb spending by the government.

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Seems like a pretty simple fix. Use common sense rules that don’t allow people to jump in and immediately start getting free services without ever paying into the system.

I’ve even heard about Americans going on vacation to countries to get medical care because it’s free for everyone, even tourists. Loopholes like that should be closed. To reap benefits you should have paid into it at some point.


How is wanting all Americans to have access to medical care greedy

The answer is in who provides the health care and who pays for the health care. The greed is you deciding what those people do with their skill, time, and money. The greed is one problem. Not seeing that government is a burden and has made the prices 90% worse is why it is pointless to continue

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