If you're tired of this thing they call Bitcoin, look no further

I know there are a handful of individuals(the majority of which I hope are not on this site ) that decided to buy this BTC a few months ago and have suffered some substantial losses. Well if you’re looking to recuperate somewhat of your losses then you have found the man. I am willing to take your 1 Bitcoin in exchange for a well maintained, running in excellent condition 2007 ford ranger. Tired of the losses and think to yourself… “hey if i can make out of this whole thing with a good truck then I win.” then feel free to send me a private message and we can further discuss the nitty gritty. :wink: :smile:


Why would anyone sell their BTC at the bottom, it can only go up from here :slight_smile: we had 3 red months with stuff going down like 70-90%, now its the time to buy more :slight_smile:


simply my version of funny…


try again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: alksdfj alksdfj


I’ve got 1 Bitcoin (Cash) if you fancy that for it let me know.


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10 bitcoin cash and you’re in

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