I'm back featuring ICON (ICX) trend analysis - Watching those levels


i’ve been absent like almost everyone else during the bear market.

Now I’m back with many infos and thoughts I could collect in the time

The sentiment of the market is changing drastically, however, with necessary calm regarding volatility.

In the following I list my ToDo’s and how I approach the current market situation

Fundamental thoughts:

The market (BTC) is holding unexpectedly strong the $5000-6000 region

Bitcoin market dominance declines slightly and money goes in altcoins according to coinmarketcap

Technical thoughts:

Currently I trade actively:

ZRX (0x)
ICX (0x)

Bitcoin is in a “no trade zone” for me
When we break through major levels, I turn to bitcoin trading.

I aggressively bought Icon at 0.46$ and currently I am 96% profit.

I link my analysis below, there is also described which levels I observe and how I react to certain events

Tradingview Link: https://de.tradingview.com/chart/ICXBTC/W1ofMTht/

You can follow me on Twitter for more: https://twitter.com/Larykath


While you’ve been away many of us have been building… stay the course!


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