I'm back to the pub after 6 month dry!


I stopped attending the pub in January because I was overwhelmed by the day-to-day perceived demand to follow and ‘act’. I left my barstool and thought… my friends will be here when I return - I’ll HODL. The year prior, I managed to put in $1100.00 CAD. I traded a wee bit. I ended up HODLing Bitcoin, OMG, NEO and ETH. I now sit at value: $980.00. So, not worth the stress of daily watching and pressure to trade. I am thinking I’ll ignore another six months. YOUR THOUGHTS/SHARES are welcome. I’ll check in for two weeks or so, then I AM COTTAGE BOUND! :canoe::sunny::christmas_tree::beach_umbrella::tent:


Welcome back… and good luck until the next update?


You’re not the only one. I’ve kind of done the same thing. I’ve already had one heart attack this year (not a joke) so I’ve found that it’s easier to just let the correction run its course and not to sweat over it each day and stress. While I’m not here everyday, I do check in about once a week or so when I get my email to see what’s going on in the pub.


I have also had job stress too. Hats off to those who trade and ‘make profit’, but it’s only profit is you cash in. So. I 'll hold my pieces (for value, not the current value which fluctuates) and hope it all works out. I never forgot why I got in: Put enough that I have; but what I cannot afford to lose and don’t stress about it!). I hope you continue on your PATH OF RECOVERY chOc101! hug