I'm fat as fuck thread


Guess what guys. I’m fat as fuck, but i don’t have to be.
90 day experiment time
complete diet change time. 100% keto, 2k calorie limit. +Spartacus workout. keep me honest, keep me motivated. progress pics incoming

Day one. Starting weight 257lbs

this is not really related to the daily exercise thread. post here if you want to yell at me for being fat. or if you want others to keep you on track for being fat.

will weigh myself in the morning and update

UPDATE: October 6, 2018 is the 90 day cutoff

Update 2: I’m committing 10 ICX to a pool towards anyone who wishes to participate in this biggest loser experiment. we will base this off of % of lbs lost not total lbs lost in order to make it more fair. We can entrust a 3rd party to handle the funds if you don’t trust me (i won’t be offended). cutoff date is still October 6th 2018


Man, I’m with you. I’m at 250. I was 170 when I met my wife just 5 years ago…was running several miles a day.

Let’s stop being fat as fuck. It’s time. Now is the time.


post a pic and a goal. i’ll race you cause i think i’m like 250 and i used to be 180 ripped


we can even turn this into a biggest loser type deal. i’ll throw crypto on the line to see who loses the biggest % of weight/bodyfat

lets get this shit going people!


I’m game to do a 90 day challenge…I’ll get my stats later tonight.


You are the best @GrillingWithGuns love you brother


I seriously need to take this challenge as well! Use to be a 32" waist now I’m 34" and probably still expanding. Got some great shirts and t-shirts I have never worn and can’t wear anymore just because they fit me like a freaking spandex. I gotta create a workout plan and diet then post my data and see how we look by December! Good luck guys. Yew can do ittttt!!!


In 90 days we’ll be in shape and millionaires. :beetconnect:




Boom baby! Been doing low carb for last few years and got on the Keto train this year. The mental benefits are huge! Just stick with it a month and you will see all your food cravings go down by 70%. It is important to measure the ketones though so get some of those pee sticks or blood sugar tester to make sure you are doing it right. I wasted several months thinking I was in ketosis when I actually wasn’t (eating around 30-50 grams of carbs a day was too much for me personally but everyone is different) Don’t forget to supplement with MCT oil and exogenous ketones. They give a great boost when needed.

I still struggle with the occasional cheat, but so far Keto is having a very positive effect on my life. My main frustration is being knocked out of ketosis after I’ve had a few drinks, but I guess it is better to drink less anyways.

Best wishes on your journey!

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Even the smallest life change can create powerful momentum towards even greater things!

Stay the course.


you got this man keep to it.


I just ate 9 taquitos w sour cream lol


Shedding the weight faster than Bitcoin sheds it’s value :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


This is me :joy::joy: stuffing my face like “hell yeah I’m gonna sit here and eat a bunch but good luck guys”


I would be happy to get to the point where I’m only as fat as you are now…


Good luck!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Let’s get ripped I’m 185lbs wanna be 160


Yes I am definitely up for a challenge where we pool crypto and the winner gets the booty. 10 ICX was mentioned in the OP. That sounds good to me! Let’s geddit done! :muscle: