I'm fat as fuck thread


If there are no updates to the numbers I have above I believe our winner is @Keys!

Member Begin End Weight Lost % Lost
Keys 287 249 38 13.24
Grod 219 191 28 12.79
Radiofriendly123 248 231 17 6.85
Grilling w/ Guns 257 240 17 6.61
Evergreen 192 186 6 3.13
Tom_Mac 185 180 5 2.70
LennyTrader 350 341 9 2.57
Sherpa24 189 187 2 1.06


Yay!!! Thank you.

Everyone did a great job I am quite impressed with everyone’s results

Keep it up guys don’t give up your goal


Guys, I kept going from Oct 2018 and to 1/1/19 just in time for New Years.

I did less of aggressive intermittent fasting (two meals a day instead of one a day) and going on more of a maintanence balance diet with low carbs and not ketogenic.

It’s been two month and here is the new update

Keep the streak going!!! yo!!! @GrillingWithGuns @Peter

From 287 down to 245 = 42 lbs

Definitely gained more muscle. I can do pull-ups and chin ups at my own weight :smiley:


Nice! I’m still working my thing, too. Down to 218 this morning. Started last march at 290.


Hell yeah buddy. So proud of you keep up the good work for you health. And change your life and how you feel.

Kick ass man. From 290 not a small feat


Get it man. Only the healthy survive.


December 20th, 2018 - 250 lbs (all time high)
March 13th, 2019 - 201 lbs

49 down and 1 to go to hit my 1st goal.

Next goal - Another 30 (170)

Final goal - Understand the effort required to make healthy choices for life. Understand the discipline required to make these choices. Understand the importance of moderation and consistency. All lessons taught regularly by Peter and countless members of the BTC Pub.

Thank you for the message…and for getting it through my thick skull.


Heres my 2 year journey and post recovery… was always into sports growing up, but then got injured really bad an fractured ribs during soccer. After finding out I’d never be able to play in the grade I was in (not to far under Australian national squad) I was torn inside out. Been a hell of a journey but when 1 door of opportunity closes theres always another one ready to be opened! Keep it up champ


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