I'm fat as fuck thread


Thanks…great idea. I’m planning on doing a weekly weigh in.


You can do it. I know, from experience:


You got this.


I’ll get back to you with my weight when I get back from work bud.


Please tell me you still have those TMNT pants.


Fat and Happy but the day i can’t fit into a ride at cedar point i’m gonna eat raw chicken and drop weight fast


Hi John, is that you in the photos? Peter and you don’t look very much like brothers in videos, but you definitely do in photos. lol


What was your workout routine? And over what period?


Sounds similar to me. I gotta check my current weight though, but shouldn’t be far off…


Epic! I will throw 10 ICX in too! I doubt I will win since my goal is only 13.5% weight loss(25lbs off 185lbs).

However I am happy to contribute ICON to my first ever weight loss competition with the crypto nation on thebitcoin.pub! I’m revelling in the epicness, motivation, and comradery…

October 6th End Date! Let’s go champ!

I will get to 160lbs as fast as I can and do my best to maintain it for the remaining period of time.

Here’s an idea for the future…

Should there be another 10 ICX pool for maintenance 90 days after October 6th? Winner maintains their ideal weight until Friday January 4th 2019?


Morning update. 252.2

Still fat


You have inspired me to do a patreon video. I’ll post today.


Not bad though! You had that water weight jump that I had. I went from 248 to 244 in a day, you went from 257 to 252 in just a few. Awesome start, GWG.

But yeah, to keep motivation up and ongoing here - we’re both still FAF lol.

Not for long. We got this.


sounds like alot of ppl in here have had some success with keto diets, what do you all mostly eat day to day?

do you guys find keto to affect your workouts? i dont seem to have nearly the same endurance without carbs lately.


Ok here we go @radiofriendly123: starting weight of 192lbs.

I agree with @phro. I typically lose a lot of weight doing keto but it kills me when it comes to cardio on the exercise bike. I need to get fit again so I’m planning to go:

Breakfast - oatmeal and yoghurt
Lunch - Rice with meat and vegetables
Dinner - Meat and veg (no carbs)

Because I’m not doing keto I’ll almost certainly lose the contest, but I gotta keep my endurance up and keto destroys me in that regard.


i personally feel better at the gym on keto. whenever i eat carbs i always feel like i need to take a nap.
just snort 2 or 3 lines of Jack3d

let that preworkout consume your soul, and go Vegeta on leg day (which includes cardio for me)

(please don’t snort or even consume jack3d lol)


Hey man, Ive been doing Keto for a long time now, I typically eat pretty simple but whole foods.
Almonds ( limit these due to higher amounts of carbs)
Fatty meats
plain greek yogurt
Peanut butter
Almond butter
different types of oils and butters ( coconut oil ,olive oil, or all natural butter)
Lots of different veggies, kale spinach broccoli,pepper, Brussel sprouts ( High fiber veggies are the best)

Cook all your foods in oils to help get your fat intake in.

I would also highly recommend tracking your food intake and weighing out portions. #1 most important thing when trying to achieve weight loss and a keto diet. Alot of people make the mistake of assuming they are in keto because they believe they are eating a low carb diet when in fact they are not. Therefore missing out on all the great benefits of keto.
Any questions feel free to ask. Id be happy to answer and help anyone here with workout or diet questions or anyone who is just getting started and needs some guidance and a little motivation


I sign into the bitcoin pub to see a bunch of men with their shirts off rubbing their bellies. Haha…good luck guys


i’m in !!! 205 currently would like to get somewhere around 160. usually i’m really good with the gym but as of late been super super unmotivated


So many people interested in keto.

Good luck to all in sustaining your diets.


Morning update 249.6