I'm fat as fuck thread


Just when I thought keto was “old old old news”. Crypto YouTuber’s (like Champagne) are jumping on the Keto lifestyle, pitching products, and giving out product referral codes. Lol

Grocery stores were clearing out Keto products last year due to poor sales…

Keep going strong in your weight/gains goals


I do. They are in good shape.


Yup. I’m still in pretty good shape… best ever actually.


Took 6 months. I walked an hour for most of that to start… no weights. Just diet and walking daily… crazy how simple and small the start was… and yet the results were impressive. I then added weights in the back-half.

Most important is that I’ve kept this up since I’ve started. I still work out every single day.


Encouragement that you inspired me on an idea!

Keep it going!


Morning update. 248.4


Kudos, my man. You’re down almost 10 lbs in 5 days. Hell yeah!

So, based on my TA it’s looking like you’re going to weigh about 77 lbs in early October. :muscle:

I came in this morning at 239. Feels great to break that 240 mark.


lol not a chance in hell.
its already starting to taper off. i’m going to have to start my HIIT pretty soon


Love this challenge! Good luck to all of you with your goals you’re already on the right track! Consistency is key I lost 45 pounds and have kept it off for four years and eventually the dieting turns into a life style and you can go back to enjoying some of your favorite things as you get leaner. LIFT SOME WEIGHTS you’ll lose the pounds and boost metabolism here’s a little motivation for you folks



Morning update. No change


Just gorged fried chicken and ice-cream. I’ll just give you guys a head start :sweat_smile::joy:


i forgot to eat breakfast before heading to the convention this morning, so i made the spur of the moment decision to commit to weekend fasts for the entire 90 day period.
I’ve never done intermittent fasting but i hear it works wonders with keto. shrug why not life is short, lets see what happens!


Like you’re going to eat nothing on weekends? Or just for one of the days?


nothing on the sat or sunday


Wow… Good luck man. No way I could do that. I’d be interested to see the results.


Great idea man. Fasting is great for healing and weight loss. I am thinking of doing the same actually! I didn’t eat at all yesterday. Want to fast at least 2 days per week.


I did lean gains for 6 months its intermittent fasting daily with 8 hour eating window and 16 hour fast it worked incredibly.


Weekly weigh in. Starting weight of 219lbs and down 7lbs this week to 212 lbs. I know its mostly water weight but still off to a good start.


Solid week, GRod. Everyone is dropping their water weight - that’s great to see.

Keep it up! Another good week and you’ll be under 210 man…a few more good weeks and you’re south of 200. That right there is an awesome thing


Morning update. 247.2