I'm fat as fuck thread


Weekly weigh in. Starting weight of 219lbs and down 7lbs this week to 212 lbs. I know its mostly water weight but still off to a good start.


Solid week, GRod. Everyone is dropping their water weight - that’s great to see.

Keep it up! Another good week and you’ll be under 210 man…a few more good weeks and you’re south of 200. That right there is an awesome thing


Morning update. 247.2



Nice. I had a bad weekend for the purposes of losing weight. Went up north with some friends…whiskey + pulled pork does not lead to weight loss. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

Back on the train.


Sometimes you must live.


life happens, what’s important is what you do next. :slight_smile:


Ok - I will share my shame.

Started this month at 350lbs (yes, you read that right).

Currently at 342lbs.

Target is under 300lbs by xmas.


Thanks for sharing!! Good luck!! :muscle:


So this whole diet thing isn’t going well so far :joy:


Morning update. 246 even


Hey Lenny - Just got you added to the list. The time is now! Glad to see you jumping on board and also to see you’ve already knocked out 8 lbs. Not bad man! Keep up the good work.


No shame. You’re setting goals, taking action and becoming a better version of you now. That’s the opposite of shameful. That’s inspiring and badass :sunglasses:


That’s cool - I never really studied any Keto diets.

Is there a good book or video I should watch to get the skinny on it (forgive the pun)


Jason is a body builder i’ve followed for a long time. he’s 100% keto he breaks down diet plans and some of the science and pairs it with workouts

i’m sure the others will chime in with lots of other resources


Great video - shows the true Dogelord spirit - not a hobby - but a lifestyle and choosing greatness over just spending time dabbling.


Athlean X is another good program


Morning update 245 even
Still fat


i didnt’ know athlean x was keto. i mean i like his content, he is really good about explaining muscle science but i don’t think i’ve ever heard him mention diets



still fat :slight_smile:


Logged - thx gwg.

I’m in at 237 today. Still fat here, too.