I'm fat as fuck thread



Still fat…but about to break that 340 mark. Keep it rollin’, Lenny! 10 lbs is a great start.


Thanks - I appreciate the encouragement.


Morning update. No change


Keep it up, one day at a time. Only week two but already feel better getting processed foods out of my system. I still am planning on only weighing in once a week on Sunday.


236 this morning here.




morning update. no change

feels like checking on btc in the morning


except that you want a bear market for your weight :slight_smile:


Starting wt::: 219lbs
End week 1: 212lbs
End week 2: 209lbs

I’ll be happy if I can be consistent with 2 to 3 pounds per week from here on out.


weekend update. still no change. time to kick it into high gear


Get it done Homie, you don’t want to lose your (coming) crytpo gains to health issues. Better said you want to be healthy to enjoy your life when your cryptos moon!!!


morning update: needle finally moved a little. 248.8


Morning update 243.2 (massive poops were had)


morning update: no change


It appears that I am determined to lose 10 ICX.


Morning update. 242 even


Starting : 219
End wk 1: 212
End wk 2: 209
End wk 3: 208
Still plugging away…feeling good.


morning update. no change


Hey guys - Sorry I’ve been silent for the last week here. I was in the upper peninsula in Michigan on vacation…no phone, no wifi…nada.

I think I’ve captured all of the updates and have added to the spreadsheet. Here’s what I have as of 7/30 for everyone’s most currently posted weight.

Grilling - 242
Tom_Mac - 185
Evergreen - 192
GROD - 208
Sherpa24 - 189
LennyTrader - 341
Me - 241


Morning update. 241.2