I'm fat as fuck thread



I started at 248 and am at 240. You started at 257 and are at 241. That is some ass kicking right there, GWG. Keep it up man…

We’re still fat, but you’re almost 20 lbs less fat than you used to be…hell of a start.


8/1/18 - 238 lbs this morning


morning update: no change

still amazingly fat as fuck


Paleo has been very good for me. (Keto is nearly the same - - my girlfriend has done that with great results). I started shifting toward a Paleo type diet a few years ago and have gradually gotten more strict with it. Went from 218 pounds a few years ago to 190 at the moment and been lower than that, which I am returning to now - - maybe more like 180. Most important things for me have been to eliminate all bread and pasta. Eat plenty of meat and fats, butter etc all good. Also have shifted to eating organic as much as possible and grass-fed meats (not exclusively, but where possible.) Good food is a good investment, you have got to look at it that way. Invest in your health. At this point the easiest way for me to drop weight quickly is to eat very little (this has gotten pretty easy as I have gotten used to skipping meals and even doing so for a day or two as a healthy form of micro-fast) and lay off drinking tons of beer (which is like liquid bread really, loaded with carbs and calories). But don’t get me wrong, I’ll still pound some beers when I feel like it. Just got to watch getting in the habit of drinking too much of it on a constant basis (due to the calories). Yes I am physically active with good exercise, but changing the diet has been what has made the difference in weight. So if you are struggling with weight, I would say for sure look at what you are eating and find some fundamental modifications that work for you. Once you get used to the new diet after months and years, you’ll develop a taste for that diet and probably won’t crave whatever it is you give up. Like I used to love pasta but I don’t miss it or crave it ever.


morning update 242 even. went up a notch. man i need to poop… lol


You got this man. (The bowel movement and the weight loss and dieting goals. I hear the first 3 months are the hardest. Im the opposite my extremely high metabolism (“I get it from my Mama” haha) leaves me looking like my clothes are always a big. Feel like fevel the mouse from those animated movie back when they made animations and not CGI. Might I suggest broccoli, Scottish style oatmeal -I use Bobs Red Mill, fairlife milk -cant go wrong with chocolate-, and even though it’s fishier… Yellowtail aka skipjack over Albacore. Has less Mercury, which can accumulate over time. Tricky stuff that mercury.


Starting wt: 219lbs
End week 1: 212lbs
End week 2: 209lbs
End week 3: 208lbs
End week 4: 205lbs

Goal is to loose 8 pounds these next 4 weeks.


Keep going guys. I’m loving the amount of self-improvement that is going on!


morning update. 240.8 almost out of the 40’s still deep into the fat as fuck range lol


Okay, I’ve given you guys all a massive head start as I’ve been piling on the weight with cakes, beer, and fried chicken. I’m starting to diet and exercise today. I’m going to try intermittent fasting (ie. eating only within a 6 hour time period per day).

We’ll see how it goes.


Fucking slay it man! You are going places!


@grillingwithguns - So close to breaking into the 230’s. Down from nearly 260 that’s a solid f’n 1st month.

@evergreen - Ha…love it. Cakes, beer and fried chicken. That’s why I’m part of this whole thing today.

I came in at 234 this morning. Struggling to break that 230 mark but it’s coming…


no change this morning


m back from the trip. 187 lbs.


Welcome back! Hope it was a good trip.

Here’s the latest I have…

Gillingwithguns - 240
Tom_Mac - 185
Evergreen - 192
GROD - 205
Sherpa24 - 187
Lennytrader - 341
Radiofriendly - 232

Pretty sure everyone is even or down since the beginning.


Hold my beer!

Haha, in all seriousness - I’m probably way over but haven’t got around to weighing myself.


morning update. 240.4


231…So close to 220’s.


I started with you guys on this

I was 287lbs

Today I am 259lbs

Based on my research I optimized intermittent fasting to dinner only and all ketogenic protiein veggies (2 plates worth) and complex carbohydrate in limited
Amount . Cold brewed black coffee no sugar in the am, 1.5 liter of water throughout the day and banana for potassium and mutivitamin and omega-3 at 4pm dinner at 5pm eat until 9pm window

I do 20 Austrian pull up, 30 push ups, 30 sit-ups daily

Kept most of my muscle mass just not the fat


Late to this party, but in the thick of it.

March this year: 290. Current pic isn’t from that time period, but is accurate to how I looked.

Today: 245. No decent pics. I suck at selfies.

I’ve taken total control of my life with regards to fitness. I’ve overhauled my diet and precook all lunches and dinners for the week on Sundays. All meals are balanced out for a 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat macro split, for a total daily calorie intake of around 1650. I work out at the gym MWF, and do very brisk walks on the off days for at least 2 miles a pop. I’ve got lower back issues and part of my workout is strengthening my core to help support my back. Til then, I have to stay away from jogging because it beats the fuck out of my lumbar, no matter how cushy my shoes are. Eventually, this won’t be much of a problem.

And yeah, bro. I do even lift. :smiley: