I'm skinny as fuck thread. Let's change that


Since I can never participate in the weight loss challenges, let’s do a new one. I am skinny as fuck, we are doing a weight gain challenge (for those moon bods)


Lol. Go for it. Yeah for some skinny guys it’s just as challenging to gain weight !


Chris massive respect. Man.


My kind of shit right here. Hard gainers :hulksmash:

Eat and train like a mofo.


Fuck man you are a bag of bones, get piling on the pounds & the satoshi’s


I’m kinda with you on this one… but i’m not skinny… i just wanna maintain!


im similar lmao. Eating a ton of food is hard


I’m with the challenge :muscle: gonna post pics and weigh myself after work


pinned #10


Pinned for 90 days. Stay on it.


Assuming weigh around 135lb

2600 Calorie daily goal

135g protein x4= 540 calories

68g fat x9= 612 calories

362g carbs x4 =362 calories

1lb a week ideally

Aiming for 10lb gain 90 days

Just gotta do it


Ate 3k calories total gotta keep the streak going.


Are you tracking macros? I’m an IIFYM’er


Yeah using MyFitnessPal just bought bunch of tuna fish cans, kidney beans, and chicken breast. Protein shake taking up like 1/3 of daily calories. Definitely open to some tips.


Nice. When I’m in a calorie surplus I find best to slam a few shakes per day. Liquid calories are always easier to get in.

2 scoops protein
Milk of choice (also can add ice cream for easy calories)
Natural peanut butter or coconut oil (add a few table spoons for an easy few hundred calories.)

Definitely good starting macros. As you gain lean mass, you can follow your protein g’s higher. Keep it ~ 1g per pound of lean bodyweight. You’ll get there brother. Great starting base to build on :muscle:




Not gonna lie, was having a shitty day. Watched the video had a smile on my face.


Haven’t posted up everyday, going to try and commit to that. @Trilamanila I’m proud of you for doing this challenge with me.

I feel like today I have the flu, so going to limit activity and use it as a rest day (will probably still do light exercise and stretching) However, I wanted to let ya’ll know I have been eating more (I already love to eat, but i’m not gaining anything) I have been doing things such as, have another main course (lunch and/or dinner), making a extra meal time all together, trying to expand stomach by eating even if I am not hungry. I have no idea what happened to our scale (maybe it got moved into the house) but I want to do weekly weigh-ins.

So now… 5 days into this… my goals are:

  1. Update the thread on a daily basis with a weekly weigh in
  2. Find a more set diet (like @Trilamanila) gaining versus just consuming, even if it is a start
  3. Try to touch base with everyone participating on a weekly basis, and we can build up eachother.

Cheers Pub Family,


Was my girls birthday weekend so kinda slacked off being out of town. Made sure to eat a lot of calories didnt get all my protein though but reached 3k calories.