I'm starting a podcast!

Hey lipubtarians

As stated in the topic line I am starting a podcast. My wife I have been wanting to start one with her for a long time with us discussing being Entrepreneurs from nothing like we did, well we had $750 in the bank when we started our business.
We just built a house with an awesome office in it and she has been begging me to turn it into a podcast studio.
I’m very excited about this project and want to also start a crypto podcast. I want to either find a co-host that is very experienced as I am still considered a noob in the crypto game but I’m pretty experienced in the business/stock investing game.
I think it would be very educational to have an expert and noob as we can have different viewpoints on things. But if I can’t find a co-host I have already reached out to very experienced people and surprised they all but one said they would love to do an interview.
Anyways, to the point. Has anyone ever started a podcast? What resources/programs do you enjoy? Any just overall tips would be great. I would love to hear some suggestions. Of course I will be pointing people to the pub and talking about getting started on B90X

Any input would be great.



please keep us posted on how things go!


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