Income tax vs. inflation - G. Edward Griffin's view


Hi @peter
when you were talking about why there are even taxes when the Fed can print money as much as they wish The Creature from Jekyll Island came to my mind. Griffin wrote about this. He basically summarized it to three points:

  1. Taxes play a role as a distraction to inflation.
  2. When inflation is too big (i.e. people buy much and prices go higher) they raise taxes in order to tame the inflation
  3. Redistribution of wealth - the reward for the loyal/dependent.

All three points can be seen in the picture (taken from the book)



Yeh. I read this book way back. But I have revelations now and again. :slight_smile:



Excellent book that everyone should read at least once in their life.



What a racket they are running on us it’s a joke for those of us awake. They have systematically tricked people into surrendering their sovereignty with the old
birth record/birth certificate switcheroo…we just a # out there, stay frosty.



The Creature from Jekyll Island Is undeniably one of the most important books written in the last hundred years. It’s an essential reference point for anybody that’s actually serious about understanding how we got here. My favorite part is the Federal Reserve Act being passed at Christmas time by like four or five people as everyone else is on vacation and then amending the law over 100 times until it’s been molded into the ultimate control system;-) Think about it, next year we’re going to owe $1 trillion just on the interest of the national debt. The American government is constitutionally authored to print its own money interest and debt-free. So why are we struggling to pay that interest at all? Could it be that they’ve enslaved us and that the hidden powers that be used the Federal Reserve to do that??? I’ve even seen The Creature from Jekyll Island referenced in Congressional Testimony… G. Edward Griffin is a great resource!!!