Indonesia On Cryptonation


Hi guys, Im indonesian n im so hooked up to cryptocurrency… is there anyone from indonesian too? im so bullish about the market opportunities in my country, although not many people jump in into this ship yet… I hope we (indonesian cryptonation) can be parts of this economic revolution . piss out


I’m not from, but I’m near… Up in Thailand currently and loosely planning a trip to Indonesia for random camping and such soon.

So, I’m not from, but I’m near.

Workin’ the same hours from the other side of the world for things.


The Joy of crypto is it helps flatten the world financially and opens the markets to the world and the world to the markets.


hi guys… nice to see u…


hi, indonesian here, so glad to see another indonesian here haha, let’s make cryptocurrency known all across indonesia…mantap jiwaaa


Hajar bro… jgn kasih ampyuun:rofl:


is there anymore people from Indonesia joining the pub?..
Represent bro…


yoww, i am from indonesia! great to see you guys here…