Initial investment advice


I am planning on moving a portion of my retirement into digital currency. Primarily bitcoin, and a few other alt coins. I am planning on doing this In a little while, maybe a month tops. I have to wait 10 days for the check to settle, I find that ironic considering how quick bitcoin is.
I am planning spending $13-14k on getting one Bitcoin and some strong alt coins told till 2035ish. What alt coins would you guys get, knowing you are planning on HOLDING for at least 12 years.


12 years is a looooong time. I dont think I plan on holding any - not even btc for that long. Even 2 years is a stretch. So much can happen in even months - I just keep updating and changing my portfolio to what I think is best.

Half a year ago my portfolio was extremely different than what it is now.


Do you understand that if youre not 59.5 years old and you cash out of an IRA or 401k you will not only have to pay taxes on that money which could raise your income tax rate to a higher tax bracket than what it would be BUT you will also receive a 10% penalty on the amount taken out (assuming its all pre-tax) in addition to the taxes. Basically youre starting down 20+%.

Too risky for me.


The alt coins I choose to hodl long term are Neo which will give a Gas dividend every month. Litecoin, which can easily be transferred into other crypto as needed.


This part of my retirement is in a 403b. It allows me to take up $20k in a loan with no tax or credit implications, provided I pay it back with “5.5% interest”. The interest actually goes back to my account. Essential I am just paying myself back. It should not affect my overall savings too much in the long run. I have no worries of paying back what I plan to borrow in more than a timely manner.
The penalties come if I, for some reason, fail to pay back the sum in less than 5 years. I am basically essential personnel at my job as there are maybe 500 people in the country with my skill set currently. So I am not worried about getting laid off any time soon.
I was on the phone for about 30 mins last night with my institution.

I see the gamble with this type of currency. But I feel as if the technology may truly be the future. Also if it tanks, I feel that my family will recover.


You do realize that loans have to be paid back before termination or leaving? If you take a loan and get fired or get a killer job offer elsewhere you have to pay it back usually with in 30 days or you end up getting taxed on it.

@Peter_Rehm can probably elaborate on the risks of loaning from retirement accounts. It is in my research 99.9% a bad idea.


The killer job offer is actually the part that scares me most. I also hate the thought of being induntured, even if for only 2-3 years.
As far as payment in full, I would still be allowed to pay carry out the loan. I will call again to confirm if this is correct. But, I directly asked them the 1st time.
I also believe you are correct about pulling from existing retirement funds. The vast majority of the time, not a good idea.

Btw, you seem very knowledgeable about the subject. I am guessing this is along the lines of your day job. I appreciate the warning. Let me know if there are any other questions I should be asking, please.


Its what i used to do for 10 yrs on the wholesale side. Not any more.

You can usually pay out the loan depends on the plan. But again, interest etc. As far as any other questions seems like you have them covered and understand the risks.


My current picks for long term hodl are



What coins are you currently holding and what would be your recommendations? If you don’t mind me asking. I am only my 5th book about cyber currencies and block chain. I have done nothing permanent yet. I need more practical advice, and to talk to people with real world trading experiences. I want to get the best start I can while the bitcoin is at this low of a price. If it gets too high I will not be able to “get in”


Thats a great question. Short version

Xrp - ripple is already profitable and it makes sense.long term
Tron - banking on justin son not ruining his life. Long term
Siacoin - teams not in it for the money and was cheap and as technology grows space makes sense.
COINPUFF FEATURED-Icx, btc, neo, omg, etc - i let peter do the heavy lifting on those and just verified. Basically those are all infrastructure coins for companies who cant build thier own blockchain nor want to.
Cardano - wild hair random pick.

The featureds i hold the most of the others are -10% of my folio.

I plan to hold it all for 5+ years. Prolly rebalance some tron once I break even.

Im far from an expert though. I buy most of my coins around “time” which is the greatest asset. Do they sell time? Yes, then I buy.


It’s seriously daunting being new and investing money into crypto let alone with all the risk attached to investing with money from a loan. I’d suggest using the dca method with any spare cash you have off your pay check if your really desperate to get involved.
What I would also say is the market is only really in it’s infancy and new opportunities to invest will present themselves in the future.your not going to miss out :+1:
My point really is not to over stretch yourself financially or you’ll find it difficult to hold on when the market dips hard which it will more than likely do again and again.
That being said if you go for it 1 Btc is a solid investment imho.


Lots of risk in a long hodl…
But for me I’m it it 1 year at a time and then I reevaluate my positions every year… Also DCA some coins to cut risk. you can jump out with your smaller pot if stuff goes south!
In Order:

Those are my top long term picks. But who knows on a 12 year hodl. you could be a millionaire or have no money at all?? These markets move fast!


I’ve always had the impression that:

  1. Borrowing from yourself IS BAD!
  2. That when you sign the loan with the servicer (usually the pension plan administrator) that the plan terms governed repayment. Sometimes, yes, you would have to repay in 30 days - pretty common if you were also moving your retirement account. Some plans are structured so that as long as your funds are still with the administrator that you would only be required to continue to make payments. And then somewhere in between.

Also, remember that the participant must repay the loan within 5 years, unless the participant used the loan to purchase his or her principal residence

Yes, you do have the risk that you can’t repay the loan and you get hit for premature withdrawal penalties and taxes.


Hodling is the idea for me. Initially I just wanted one bitcoin from what Peter and a few other recommended.

Then I thought, why not pick a few contenders with a few extra dollars. In that situation dca is clearly the better method and lessons my liability by a few months. Also it is an excuse to keep an eye on alt currencies as well.

All the advice is HIGHLY appreciated!!!


I used to take loans from my T rowe price 401k all the time and pay it back no problem, and like you said youre paying yourself back with interest. I eventually ended up cashing it out and paying the penalty and taxes instead of rolling it over when I left the company and put it all into crypto. I know a few guys who did the same.
Btc for sure , and KryptoKenzie’s list is pretty much all the same I have and think has long term staying potential with success but this space changes and moves so fast. I was just looking at previous years top 10 cryptos and its completely different than this year so just be prepared to maybe shift stuff around few times.


If i was keeping it simple id be 1/3 each of bitcoin monero and icon.

Icon has still such a small market cap and its far better than most of the top 20 monero will probably win the privacy coin race and will explode once there’s a hardware wallet option, and bitcoin is bitcoin.


What exchanges do you use? Some seem really limited?

Also I will be using a hardware and storing offline for my bitcoin.


This place is a wealth of information. I now have several good exchanges I am interested in. Will be creating an accounts soon.
And I am cementing an investment plan.

But, I did come to one conclusion. FOMO is driving the speed of my initial investment. I wish I had found out about this in February. Since then the price has nearly doubled for a bitcoin. It will take around couple weeks for me to gather the needed funds. All of this has hastened my research and meeting with the few holders of the bitcoin I know.
Long story short I feel like due diligence will cost me a couple thousand at buy in. Which a not a small amount of my buy in.
After that I believe my strong hands and dca will work in my favor,


For me my major holding is in-
Litecoin, Neo, Btc ,ICX and NAS