Internet Node Token (INT) - chinese competitor for IOTA with antshares potential


Could get a chinese competitor for IOTA, already has partnerships with IBM, Huawei, Microsoft, Zhejiang university, Imecas, linkcv,, scee.

Makes me remember the early antshare days, when no western investor knew what the hell it is.

You should check it out.



Bought worth 1 bitcoin at 30 cents, may rebuy some more let’s see.

**You can change the language of the website to english btw, whitepaper also available in english language



This is a somewhat riskier bet, but it look very interesting. Could definitely be a 100x token.

Here is some additional information for those who are interested:



Yes risky for sure but potential huge return.
Antshare was also quite risky in it’s early stage and I do not regret putting quite some money into it.

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Crypto Future did a great job covering INT in his video! I got in on it. Very optimistic and can’t wait to see where it goes. They already suppose to launch mainnet this month!

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& Thank you for covering this project!

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Where is the best place to buy INT?

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Where did you buy it from?

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Very little activity on their Github… hmm…

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There was a good explanation for this in their Telegram group. I’ll go back and try to find it.



From Coinegg. If you’re going to buy though, make sure after setting up your profile you go to your security tab and submit verification for approval. Without it you’ll only be able to deposit but not withdraw. Also, if you’re from the US, there’s not an option so select UK or something from the list. That seems to work regardless of a US I.D.



hi all! Which wallet is recommended to hold this token?

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It is a erc 20 token, you can even hold it on your ledger

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Shilly mcshillington just joined. I wouldnt touch INT right now until this project is proven to be moving forward.



@Peter I know you are doing DCA on IOTA this year but do you not see INT being a rival which could overtake/replace IOTA . I know at the moment INT is only geared towards the China market however it does have the potential to go globally. People saying this has antshares potential. They have some established partnerships already onboard IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, Uni’s & FS. Keen to get your thoughts and take on INT.



@spacebuzz had INT come to your attention?

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No haven;t looked at it. So many things to research!! :slight_smile:



Yo guys, I put a measly 700 bucks or so on INT- the potential is huge but there are some caveats. 1- The website needs work also the english setting is not working , for me atleast.
2- chinese regulations ect. got me a little worried about all of these . Anywho Ive been storing mine in a MEW but all this mainnet talk at the end of the month? do we have to put our token back on the exchange for that?> does anyone know. Any insight is appreciated. peace yall.

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I can’t find any solid evidence of these partnerships anywhere.

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I’lll be keeping an eye on these comments for proof of partners, would really give me more confidence in this!

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