Introduce yourself to ACF!


Hi guys,
my ACF username is huylv. It’s very good if ACF has a tool to auto sell when price start going down :smiley:


it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: alsfkdj lajkd


Hello, my user name is youcancallmeB, I’m subscribed here by ACF with the same user name. I have a few months experience with some trades on Binance.


How are ACF users finding the pub?


No real money? Then probably mining monero :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
jk how do you cover the expenses?


Through our experiment giving them a place to learn more about crypto and our people to learn about their free trading software!

We are all happy y’all are here!


I know that. But I still want you to check out the website.


You should post a link to it in the original post. Looks interesting. I will also share your page on my facebook, maybe that will get other people into it, that may be too scared to play with real money until they understand.


Introduce my name Suheri, I come from Indonesia … I am here to meet the invitation of Altcoin Fantasy


Good day mates!

I am Joey, I got into Crypto’s late 2016. Unfortunately I was actually interested in the tech and was USING bitcoin, as opposed to holding it. tsk tsk. My main holds now are, BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, XMR, with an interest in BAT and a few other alts. My exchanges I frequent are Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, Bittrex, and Bitmex.

I am that degen in the Bitmex trollbox who 100x shorted the bottom and 100x longed the top smh lol.

Looking forward to engaging the Bitcoin Pub community, as I have been watching Decentralized TV for a few months now.

P.S. Tom and Liz and the ACF project have done tremendous work and I am very excited about the future potential of the project!


Hello. Abdul here. Working on getting crypto currencies by any means necessary. Been aware about crypto for quite a while. Too poor to buy. Still too poor but i’d like to be able to earn crypto while its still young. Will work for crypto!


Hello. My name is sandy from Malaysia. I just sign up today. I have been into crypto since a year ago and I am just as excited as ever to learn new things here. I trade on multiple platform.
Acf username: IntelligentSandy.


Hi everyone. I’m Pele from Croatia. Been browsing through crypto fo ra year now. Eager to learn so much more! Hit me a pm if you’d like to know more about me.


Hi I am from İstanbul. Just paying around

Username GettingCoco


Hello all…
My altcoinfantasy user name is : artalive
i am airdrop & bounty hunter


Hi guys.
My ACF user name is : ivansang

Iam trading since 2017 May
I use bittrex for trade


Hi, Laith here, I live in Luxembourg. I invest in many crypto from the first of this year 2018.the first one was BTC of course. I trade on multiple platforms.
ACF UN: fantasylux


Hi .
My name is KHUSAIRI .
I’m come from Aceh, Indonesia.
I know about when I do the task for earn points on AltCoin Fantasy.
My Username ACF : Khusairi


Hello everyone! I’m Areg from Armenia. My ACF username is LuckyL. I am trading since 2017,use binance,polo and sometimes cryptopia.
I found TheBitcoinPub by the help of Altcoin Fantasy.


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Hello everyone! I’m Sammy from Nigeria. My ACF username is Sammyp. I am trading since 2018,use binance,polo and sometimes cryptopia.
I found TheBitcoinPub by the help of Altcoin Fantasy. from altcoin fantasy