Introduce yourself to ACF!


Hi, Laith here, I live in Luxembourg. I invest in many crypto from the first of this year 2018.the first one was BTC of course. I trade on multiple platforms.
ACF UN: fantasylux


Hi .
My name is KHUSAIRI .
I’m come from Aceh, Indonesia.
I know about when I do the task for earn points on AltCoin Fantasy.
My Username ACF : Khusairi


Hello everyone! I’m Areg from Armenia. My ACF username is LuckyL. I am trading since 2017,use binance,polo and sometimes cryptopia.
I found TheBitcoinPub by the help of Altcoin Fantasy.


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Hello everyone! I’m Sammy from Nigeria. My ACF username is Sammyp. I am trading since 2018,use binance,polo and sometimes cryptopia.
I found TheBitcoinPub by the help of Altcoin Fantasy. from altcoin fantasy


hello sir,
I’m Rasel.I’m a student .I know many things about BTC.I’m working on btc since 2014.I like BTC,ETH,LTC.
My ACF user name :- lost


I’m Mihai.I’m from Romania .Been trading from one year already.I trade on multiple exchanges


Hola , soy Alex.
Soy nuevo en esto de las cryptomonedas, recién este año comencé a minar después de ver un par de vídeo acerca de los orígenes y fundamentos de las monedas digitales.
Actualmente me divierto y aprendo mucho con las actividades de Altcoin Fantasy.


Hey all, I’m Jay from Ohio… been playing on ACF for a couple of months now, my username is CntryCrypto. I’ve been into crypto for about a year and a half now and learning more everyday!


I am Goodness from Lagos Nigeria. I got into the businesses of crypto after learning about it back then in 2010 on BBC programs


Hello all,
Jamp is here!
I’m a teacher .
I know fairly well about crypto.
I’m working on crypto past 1 year ago.
BTC,LTC ,BCH is my favourite.
My ACF name:- Jamp


Hello all,
Boss is here!
I’m working on marketing.
I know fairly well about crypto.
I’m working on crypto last 2 years,
BTC,ETH,LTC ,BCH is I like most!!
My ACF name:- Boss


Hi, I’m Josue Casas from Venezuela, I started in the world of cryptos looking for alternative savings and investments due to the economic situation of my country.


Hello… I’m akor audu from Nigeria, got to know about altcoin fantasy from an advertisement online… I’m happy to be here @Akoraudu1


I’m Akor audu. Been messin w/ btc since 2015. Been trading since 2016. From Nigeria. I trade on multiple platforms. boom!
ACF UN: Akoraudu1


Hi everyone, I am CryptomaniacUK, this is my name in ALL my accounts refering to crypto. I came across this site through, a site I truly recomend to anybody into crypto.
I live in UK and was one of the poor sods who got into crypto on January 2018. I started my crypto life by buying an ethereum for a whole $1100. While trying to recoup my loses, am down to just $80 but being thick as I am, still haven’t given up hope in crypto. I have learnt so much this year and now am in a position to be able to say that Im not a beginner anymore. Iv learnt so much on technical analisys, gained loads of contacts for fundamental research and still LOVE crypto. Although Iv lost a lot of money, Iv learnt from all the mistakes we all do when we get into crypto and have finally started to make money, even in a bear market (i did go down to $45 at my worse).
Shame I know but in consolation, a course would of cost me more than this and the end, spirit is still unbroken, I love crypto, I am Cryptomaniac


Hi guys, moseskel1 from from Nigeria. I got into crypto about 2 years ago after I heard about Ethereum.


Hello boss,
I’m Munna.I’m a student .I know many things about Crypto.I’m working on it since 2015.I like BTC,ETH,LTC,BCH.
ACF user name :- Munna


Hello peeps im doing great in crypto world


Hello I’m Ken Smith, I from Venezuela in South America. I met the world of crypto currencies 1 year ago as a viable method to get out of the economic crisis in the country and I am still in that plan. Until I met Altcoin Fantasy weeks ago where I am learning to do Trading and also get an incentive. I currently have 4250 ACF Points and am trying to reach 50000 ACF Points and then exchange it for the Binance $50 prize. That’s my history. Nice to meet you all!

ACF Username: Ken.


Hello im alayewashington
Got to hear of this from. Altcoin fantasy