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In January, I wrote about how I thought charitable giving could work in the cryptocurrency world. Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of’s mission is to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally. We will raise funds from cryptocurrency holders, and distribute small payments to people in need around the world — all using cryptocurrency. Initial recipients will be people living in emerging markets, especially those going through financial crisis.

The goals behind are to:

  1. Help people in need by sending money to them directly
  2. Advance real-world usage and benefits of cryptocurrency
  3. Provide universal access to an open financial system

You can see the full post here as well as the video:


Brian calls out “bitcoin bros” and even the lambo:

All good. lol.


Peter Saddington IS the bitcoin bro.
He is also the bitcoin broham.
The bitcoin broseph.
The bitcoin tool.
The bitcoin fool.
The bitcoin loser.
The bitcoin faker.
The bitcoin fake.
The bitcoin liar.
The bitcoin scam.
The bitcoin scammer.

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Yer being 2 hard on yourself


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