Introducing the NEW Bitcoin and Monero WALLET SERIES! Physical Wallets AND canvases!


We are pleased to present our first-ever physical paper wallets featuring our newly designed Bitcoin and Monero artworks! This new series includes the following: 1M Satoshi’s, 1BTC, and 1XMR.

This series of notes is labeled “Series 2030” based on the year of the future - a dream in which, 12 years from now, Bitcoin and Monero are a common place, perhaps even becoming that of a global reserve currency.

These are available as physical wallets for $20 each or as our canvas option.

Wallet Fronts:

Wallet Backs:

Each wallet/note measure 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches, the same aspect ratio as Untied States Fiat Currency.

Each note is printed onto a plastic-like material.

We opted to go with a standard hologram for affixing onto these pieces rather than a custom Level 1 Integraf hologram. We did this in order to gauge demand on this initial release.

These notes are UNFUNDED. There is NO crypto value on any of these designs. There are also NO generated keys. For the utmost privacy and security, we believe you should be in charge of and responsible for your own keys. Thus, you are welcome to generate your own, affix them to the note, and seal them with the provided hologram, should you choose to do so.

Each note is limited to a production of 150 and will never be released again. Each note is hand signed and numbered on the back.

As seen in the pictures, the fronts of these designs are also available in 40”x17” inch canvas as well as 25"x11" inch canvas, hand stretched and mounted around a wooden frame, and secured inside of a black floating frame. Each size is limited to a production of 10 of each design and will never release again on any other medium.

Pricing: $20 per note ( .0054[btc] )
Shipping: $5 domestic or $15 international (same price, regardless of quantity)

Notes will be enclosed in a hard plastic top loader. All notes are printed and ready to ship. Orders will ship within 72 hours of payment.

Wallets available here:

Canvas Info:

Price: 25"x11", $699 (.19 [btc] ) / 40"x17", $899 (.24 [btc] )
Shipping: Free with the US for both sizes
International Shipping: Free for the smaller size, please contact us for a shipping quote on the larger size.

Canvases available here:]

We hope you all enjoy these as much as we do!

Frank & Nikki
Lynx Art Collection




:sunglasses: :grin: thanks for sharing the Coindesk article! We were really excited to get featured on there :smiley:


I have purchased 3 wallets and @heavilyarmedclown has purchased several as well! I absolutely love mine!


Awesome! Thank you for sharing. We are happy to hear you are enjoying yours :slight_smile:

The 1M wallet is just about sold out, now, there are less than 10 left, and the 1 BTC wallet has less than 30 remaining. XMR has less than 20. So if anyone is waiting on grabbing some, now’s your chance! :smiley:


1 BTC, 1 M Satoshis, and 1 BTC Commemorative are all now sold out. 1 XMR has a few remaining. .1 and .5 BTC has about 1/3rd quantity remaining. Grab 'em before they’re gone, too!