Introduction to the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench


If AWS wasn’t enough, Microsoft Azure also has Blockchain technology in the Cloud.

The below video is a short introduction to the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench.


Mike Fishy


Cool, thanks for sharing!


MS Azure Extends the capabilities in Blockchain Workbench 1.10

They also have updated the feedback forum (Blockchain User Voice)

Between IBM, AWS and possibly SAP, I think Microsoft is going to give them a good run for their money.

Edit: plus they are getting serious with Healthcare on the Blockchain

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Microsoft have added a new Storage feature

Give you one guess what they are going to be using it for :slight_smile:

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The MS product managers came across scamier when they had to introduce fake blockchain use cases.

They probably know there is no need for blockchain in a supply chain use case. The MS Azure + MS SQL (or HDInsight) is more than enough. Data tampering can be detected by a hash field if that’s the real concern.

In an enterprise grade solution, where the App owner possesses most of the ‘hash rate power’, data saved in MS SQL is as believable as in a blockchain, let alone the assumed trust of every data operator.

But the MS solution proposition is infinitely more realistic than those supply chain ICO scams: Vechain or Wabi, which will probably end up using the MS services ‘for real’ if they got any customers at all.


Might be just me, but I wouldn’t fire up a MS SQL and then give access to it to more than 30+ companies involved in the Supply Chain process…

Perhaps a distributed blockchain would be a better idea and probably cheaper :slight_smile:

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The 30+ companies still have all the incentive to register wrong data in the blockchain version to hide certain failure on their part. Blockchain keeps all data, right and wrong, immutable.

If only one company (or a couple) maintains the blockchain based supply chain software, they are the potential 51% attack perpetrator, when the incentive is ‘right’.

Blockchain is a much more expensive database in terms of performance. If it is not used in an permisionless environment (enterprise) and the immutability isn’t guaranteed, people will go back to centralised databases.