Invacio - Crazy drama but what appears to be pretty cool tech


Hey guys - I just wanted to share a crazy article about Invacio that I thought would bring some interest as this story seems like it’s a made for TV Lifetime special.

Full disclosure - I am invested in Invacio as I think what they are trying to accomplish is pretty cool, but in no way is this a shill or push or sponsored post. If nothing but entertainment comes from this, then my job is done.

Hopefully Peter & John never had an employee lambaste them in front of a large audience claiming that they were the actually founders of the company. :laughing:


Wow, moral of the story, take the money and run! lol

Stay Fishy


Im interested in the invacio saga as I actually met Roger at a blockchain conference.
They really got a kick in the balls from another youtubers


Seems like they got pwnd.