Invest in Cajutel ICO and Earn more!

An ICO which can probably grow Like Bitcoin in very short span of time, Invest in future of Cryptocurrency.
Yearly dividend up to- $52 , earn up to824$
Invite your friends to this channel:
the place to ask the Cajutel Team any questions or queries you have about the CAJ ICO. Cajutel ICO is on the 18th of August :stopwatch: to 18th of November.

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This has been moved to Alt coin AMA.

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Okay! @goodoldfiat. I’ll see in Altcoin AMA

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Please follow this threads instructions. This isn’t a place to just post links and not provide any detail. The fact that you only mentioned a yearly dividend in your details seems like it is a money grab to me. I am already cautious of ICO’s let alone one that wants to introduce itself with a Kubera AMA video and not provide any substance of its own. Heck there isn’t even a link to the website or white paper.

Again follow @peter’s directions in his post. If not willing to do then it will fail here.


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