Invest with up to 6% daily return!


Hey guys, as i love to make passive income, recently i signed up on platform that allows you to invest on professional trade groups and then take a share of their profits (usually 0.2-6% daily). You can chose from many trade groups with different terms, for example 90 days, 120, 180, 300 or even 500 days! Example:

This is pretty new site, but reviews are positive and users receive their pay-outs, added proof:

But still be careful and my advise is to not invest more than you can afford to lose, so start with smaller amounts, 25-100$ :slight_smile:
I will make a contest for everyone who sign up using my ref link (that gives 5% of your deposit amount) which i will giveaway every month to 1 lucky winner! If you signed up using my link, take a snapshot and send your Bitcoin address to: GL guys!
My referral link: [Removed - Referral Links not allowed]

BitcoinPub poker club!

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Referral links are not allowed. I’ve removed the link from the OP. Thanks


scam site , avoid unless you want to lose all your money.


How can you say that it is scam site? Have you lost any funds there? I have not, they still pays every day for almost 300 days now! I agree that there are many scam sites, but do your research before calling anything scam :wink:


pyramid scam site with referral links… avoid.


So 7 weeks ago (50 days) bitcoin was worth 3000 USD, now it is worth 7500 USD an increase of 250% / 50 days = 5% on average per day. Why risk something that you are not 100% sure if, if you can smash it into bitcoin, which is a lot more sure.


yeah, looks like bitconnect with their “trading bot”


Actually not a pyramid like BCC, cuz there is only one level of referral commission. In that case you can say that GenesisMining or even coinbase is pyramid. Remember that not every site where affiliates work will be pyramid schemes!