IOTA right now?



what do you guys think of IOTA at this point? Seems to be wanting to break out?
3 bottoms and an uptrend, converging into possibly a spike?
Then again I am a noob at this :smiley:
(and also the lower high looks a bit scary)


after a great raise in price, it will surely come flying down again


Where do you buy IOTA at?

I cannot buy/sell on bittrex


bitfinex - check > markets


The graph seems converging. Will rise till the resistance and then tank again probably.


You can buy it at bitfinex.


can someone post one of these graphs (+ trend lines) mentioned?



Right now I can’t post my graph, but I’ve been following IOTA in the last 3 weeks… If you look at IOTA/USD, you can clearly see a Head & shoulders pattern that indicates a reversal… Probably going down in the next week.
Look at this if you want:


IOTA looks like a pretty good long term investment. I bought mine at 0.82$ and i think that it won’t go down much further than that :slight_smile:


yes, i got out at break even. It seems to me that you might be right. Same for OMG at the moment? It’s a similar pattern, or?


I’m bullish right now on OMG because I think it is forming a pennant… I’ve been following OMG all day long and I hope I’m right.


so it was a similar pattern after all :wink:

I got in (deep) as well by the way… :confused:
But still I think it looks healthy and as long as bitcoin does not tank (which is a huge IF)… it could be just a pullback

And another lesson learned - yesterday I was TOO keen on getting in on a trade, although my ‘gut feeling’ was telling me :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::tornado:


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