IOTA Trinity Wallet Vulnerability Reported, $1.6 Million Stolen

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Not very promising for a platform that hoped to hold trillions of dollars. I just can’t imagine any large company using this risky new technology

Yeah, BTC was only rolled back a dozen times, and ETH only had the DAO and Parity hacks. So who in the right mind would use those either, right?


It’s beta tech man. Beta means unfinished, and containing bugs. That’s why shit like the working group was formed. To help refine and standardize the protocol, to make it enterprise-ready. This would surely include auditing the hell out of it.

Also, the hot wallet was hacked, not the actual network.

And the Coordinator exists specifically to protect the network in the event of an attack. That’s what it’s for, and it did it’s job. Anyone who even vaguely understands Iota knows this.


Yeah you’re right gtefgsdfhsdfh

I’m not saying it’s not a big deal… because any sort of hack is horrible. The situation hurts. But in the grand scheme it changes absolutely nothing.

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That’s the real problem with non-privacy coins, I never looked into this project.

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