iPhone XS , Apple watch series 4 Official Launch



What do you all think of the new apple line up, 3 new iPhones and a new watch.

For me the new iPhones are disappointing, but damn look at that watch!!


Looks like the X but with more features.I’ll probably get one though once my 7 contract expires just through ease of swapping everything over.


costs $1,999 CAD for the most expensive model… I rather buy 8 ETH instead :wink:


I like Apple as a company. However, I feel that they overcharge for the name and social status of having an I Phone.


I don’t think there is any point for sonesome with the X to upgrade. Only big difference is the processor chip, and the X is already good. Apple are just the kings of marketing and can make any change seem amazing even if we don’t understand/want the change.

Imagine being drunk and falling then finding yourself in jail, thanks Siri


I switched to Android about 5 years ago and will probably never go back to apple. Pixel 2 xl is fire. Amazing photos, and Android 9 pi is blazing.