Is Bitcoin Dead or Dying?


Over and over again we see it in the media. Bitcoin is dead for the millionth time. How would you know if Bitcoin was actually dead though? I think this topic is worth exploring, because there seems to be a lot of confusion.

I wrote an article about this, thought you guys might like it.


More of a Bitchcoin these days :slight_smile:


How many times has Bitcoin died?


According to this site 329 times.




When the media says BTC is dead start cramming your bags full…


Maybe it will die this time. Past history doesn’t predict the future.


Yeah, that’s true. The whole point of my article was to explain that Bitcoin could die, but if it does it probably won’t be because the price dropped. In the media, that’s all you hear about. The price went down, therefore Bitcoin must be dead; which doesn’t make much sense.


Tried to read your article. Holy pop ups, it was not possible.


Sorry Eric. The paywall is supposed to be off so that anyone can read it. Are you using an adblocker?


Honestly, no. I just look stuff up on my I-pad.



I don’t believe Bitcoin is “dying” but the price is returning to where it should have been. The bull run of 2017 was mostly hype, FOMO and potential market manipulation. The price will probably settle somewhere around $4,403.74 (hopefully) like it was at the start of October 2017. The problem with this thought is that there are way more players in the game now and that being the case the price could go down further so we’ll have to see.


We must remember the reason behind frequent proclamations of “Bitcoin is dying” is the decreasing market value of Bitcoin in fiat since its all-time high last year. although it has been 10 years as Bitcoin was brought to life, Continue Reading



Jameson Lopp
Welcome to Bitcoin, newcomers! Here’s your FAQ:

Q: Who should I trust?
A: Nobody.

Q: When should I sell?
A: Never.

Q: Is Bitcoin dying because ____?
A: No.

Q: What have I gotten myself into?
A: Nobody knows.


Lets try and create a bit more FUD.

“yes its dieing, we are all doomed”
“Its going to zero!”
“Its worthless”
“What good is it - it doesnt do anything”
“Get out now - save yourself”