Is BTC on the cusp of turning bull?



You may have misread my post. I used the verb may be, not the adverb maybe

Maybe vs May be

“May be” and “maybe” are words which are spelled with the same letters, sound the same, but have very different meanings when written. While speaking there is hardly any difference thus the incorrectness of the use does not show. In writing, however, they cannot be interchanged and should be used with caution. “May be” and “maybe” are two different parts of speech. “Maybe” is an adverb and “may be” is a verb.

The word “maybe” is used as an adverb; an adverb is a word that modifies verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Adverbs usually tell about the conditions under which something happened or happens. Words like “when, where, how, why,” etc.

“Maybe” basically means “perhaps” when used as an adverb. It denotes a choice available to someone. The choice of either doing something or not doing something. For example, “Maybe she will go to the market today.” There is a simple trick of finding out if you have used “maybe” in the right place by interchanging “maybe” with “perhaps.” If the sentence makes sense and refers to a choice, then someone who is not very sure about the usage can be sure that “maybe” has been used correctly.

“Maybe” can be used in the beginning of a sentence, the middle, or end of a sentence. For example, “Maybe she likes him” or “She maybe likes him” or “She likes him, maybe.”

May be
“May be” is used as a verb. A verb is a word which shows the occurrence of an action or performance of an action. It also indicates the existence of a condition or state, etc. Words like “run, eat, sleep, play” are some of the examples of verbs. In a simple way we can say the “doing words” are the verbs.

“May be” is basically used as “would be” or “could be.” It denotes a possibility, the possibility of something happening or something being something. For example, “He may be from America. She may be ill.”

The simple trick to check if the use of “may be” is correct, one may use “could be” or “would be” in place of “may be.” If it makes sense, the usage is correct. For example, “Driving a car may be easier than riding a bike.” Change the words as “Driving a car could be easier than riding a bike.” It does make sense. If one uses “perhaps” in place of “may be” here, the sentence will not make sense.


1.“Maybe” is an adverb; “may be” is a verb.
2.“Maybe” refers to a choice; “may be” refers to a possibility.


I am just going to keep it simple and say…“not yet”. Let’s see what happens in August. I’ve been looking forward to these summer lows.


I didn’t misread your post at all.

Maybe and may be in your context can be interchanged it just depends on how the sentence is structured, but either way its the same.

Perhaps India will be softer on crypto’s
India could be taking a softer approach on cryptos

Both sentences are pushing the same context and idea. The idea being that India might take a softer approach on crypto.

Not sure why you are taking away from your own topic with this BS post as I was actually being civil and contributing to the topic. I even answered one of your questions. I guess you will always remain being the foolish child “HopingToMakeProfit”.



Erm…no my friend. Maybe and may be in my text did not mean the same thing. I wont try to explain the difference because I know you will fail to grasp the difference.

You are a troll. Plain and simple. Off you go now, there’s a good chap.


How will BTC ever get past $6300 if the profit takers keep coming out in force every time BTC tries to make a move up?


This is not of our concern. Profit takers exist in every market, even the smallest ones. Folks have been taking profit in BTC since it was below a dollar.


I disagree. The frequency between profit taking periods has decreased. It used to be months in between profit taking events that caused a large dip. Now it happens far more frequently after even a smallish increase in price.

If it happens when BTC reaches $6300 again (likely) we will end up back where we are tonight. That is of my concern and will make for a very slow recovery. It will also potentially frighten off would be new entrants to the market, i.e. extreme volitility.

Still, I guess we just have to roll with it.


Oh please enlighten me on how my first post was trolling?

You are the one that went off topic when I tried to actually participate in a civil and legit manner.

You still do not understand basic economics or historical trends. History has proven time and time again that your thought process is wrong with regards to profit takers. Where is your data to support you theory. The entire historical trend of BTC proves your theory wrong.


Oh and by the way I am not going anywhere piss ant. You are just going to have to deal with it.


Man, you need to zoom the chart out brother. Like a lot.


@heavilyarmedclown Explain please



Seriously guy…I don’t even read your responses. I see when you have posted but I actually don’t read any of your post content. I just see your user name at the top of the post, ignore it and simply move on to read the next user post. You and your uneducated comments and opinions are that insignificant and meaningless to me.

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I understand what you are saying. You obviously got out before the ‘burst’ and have been waiting on the sidelines for the bottom to be reached before coming in and enjoying the ride up.

Getting these cycles right is a skill indeed!


See why you lie to your self like that? At least be true to your self. If you didn’t read my post you would have responded with the deusch bag long winded post about the difference between maybe and may be.

So stop lying in your posts and in general do what you say you are going to do otherwise your just pitiful.

Now this is trolling. You seemed to have issues above understanding the difference between a troll post and a contributing post. So I wanted to make sure it was clear to you which one was which.


Did I miss something? Did all this assholelyness start over the interpretation of “maybe” vs “may be”? Now that’s sone funny shit! Only on the interwebs😂


Yes yes it did. I tried to contribute and @HopingToMakeProfit jumped in with his “assholelyness”. :smile: Because he doesn’t like me.


I’m simply DCA’ing ICON, Cardano, and IOTA this year. No matter what the price is.



No, the assholeyness started when the Troll called Nekko was politely challenged by myself in another thread some weeks ago. He can’t get over it and has become a Troll. The guy basically follows me everywhere and attempts to hijack the thread and start an argument.

He doesn’t like to be challenged and if anyone does challenge he gets all pissy and SHOUTS and swears and calls names.

I basically told him not to follow me or read or comment on any of my further threads if he couldn’t control his rages or bad language. This site is for adults who wish to share their views with others in a constructive way. Nekko doesn’t seem to understand those rules. He attacks and criticises whenever and wherever he can (true troll behaviour) and when attempts are made to help him see the errors of his ways he loses it and becomes uncontrollable.

On this occasion the troll was basically trying to say that ‘_may be’ and 'maybe’ in my post meant the same thing. When I tried to educate him in terms of the difference between the two he became uncontrollable again.

I don’t actually read any his posts now. As soon as I see his name at the top of a post a ignore it and move on to read other’s posts. Every site has a troll like this guy. It’s best just not to engage with them at all.


Question: would you read my post, if I put @Nekko name in as one of the top contributors who helped me to make my idea a reality? :grinning:

Look, dude… now with all these “conflicts” between you and whoever, and you over-explaining the conflicts, this thread went off track already.

In your thought-process you’re really over-complicating things. At least, IMHO. The market will turn when it decides to do so. In a month, in a year, in a decade, but it WILL turn for as long as fundamental principles of BTC and crypto are unchanged.

If you can trade, do it! If you can’t, hold and buy more. The goal is to get more skin in this game, anyway.