Is cloud mining a good investment?



I was thinking about putting some money into genesis mining, the 20k Ghz BTC plan, is this future proof or what ?
Are there other people who have this plan or something like it and made some profits ?

What is the risk ?

Thanks !


From what I have read, Genesis is not a scam, it actually pays out (most cloud mining sites are super scammy/ponzi schemes). However, cloud mining in general doesn’t pay very much. I researched it a while back and came to the conclusion it’s better to just buy BTC, with the money instead of cloud mining. Maybe things have changed, but it’s not worth it IMO.


i am into genesis mining only ETH right now but i am looking forward when they offer BTC plans again. ETH Mining is profitable right now but nobody knows what happens in the future.


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i have ETH and BTC contratcs with Genesis / hashflare and hashing24. when i first started crypto it was one of the first things i did, I wont be putting anymore in.

couple of things: ONLY get BTC contracts. ETH is locked at 2 years and you may not ever get your return on investmet.

DONT buy from hashflare ( 1 year contracts and INSANELY expensive ) or hashing24 ( even MORE expensive ) , Genesis, at least when their last BTC contracts were up, were the only ones that would make a decent return on investment.

the genesis contracts should theoretically make you money over the long haul, but they could also shut down and take your money.