Is exodus wallet good?

What do you’ll think about exodus wallet? I’m thinking to try it and I’d like to read some thoughts on this matter. Some reviews say that it’s got both pros and cons. Like this Is there anything to add? Does it worth to try?

I like exodus. it is very easy to use and transactions are fast. I recommend it to beginners mostly for its ease of use, as the next step after coinbase, and before dealing with the more complicated ledger nano or other for storage. I dont keep much there, but use it often to exchange coins, or to send to other exchanges for hard to get coins, then back to exodus and then from exodus to my Ledger. I know it seems like an extra step to get to ledger storage, but it gives me a sense of security for its ease of use. Exodus is constantly adding new coins as well. :+1::+1::+1:

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