Is it just me or does anybody else’s friends (who know nothing about crypto) Just send you FUD


So when ever my friends send me articles about Bitcoin or anything crypto related it’s always some BS article with a misleading headline telling us that bitcoin is in crisis or bitcoin is dead.

This is the latest that got sent to me…


More fud = more bullish
Less fud = less bullish


What were your friends telling you when Bitcoin was worth 20k each?
I think you know where I’m going with this.


Tbh they stayed silent until the price went down :joy:


And I know for a fact they don’t really know what the price fluctuation has been over this past year at all.


Yeah, well my friends have all been extremelly bullish saying BTC is going to 100k at least. Remember, these are mostly people that don’t really have any insight into the market and just take the first news article they see as a fact.


I have told my friends and family that if bitcoin goes between $3K-$5K to buy just 1 coin and hold it for a long term investment. Most have agreed.


Not many of my pals know anything about it at all. Must just be my peer group. They’d rather spend their money on other stuff. One friend did ask about it but I know how impulsive he is so I had to tell him to learn about it first.


Most MSM articles have misleading headlines, are negative on Bitcoin, and the average person only reads and shares articles from “respected news sources”. It’s no wonder all you get is fud.


It’s not just you,each time a friend sends me something it’s about a BTC ban somewhere on Earth,or BTC price drop,real middle class mindset,mainstream thinking.


I need friends like that,I have about 4 like that and 15 that are the opposite.


A lot of those not involved, no coiners, love to see (what they think to be) bitcoin failing, or falling in price.

Really can respect a person, a no coiner, who admits that the concept or technology is good or great, even though they’re not invested into it. Rare/impossible to find those type though.


I assume they hit the streets whenever news tells them to protest as well lol


The reason is because they know you are in the space, and they don’t dare to be, so they send you the articles so they feel better about themselves not taking the risk, some of them silently hope maybe even that you don’t make it


It is impossible to have 19 friends, focus the 2-3 the you feel you get most satisfaction from, because if push comes to shuff and you end up in jail, of those 19 friends there will prolly only be 2-3 that’ll visit u in the can


Maybe I should have mentioned they aren’t the friends I class as close friends. More the people we do things now and then. My close ones want me to succeed and do well off this.


All the time for me… And I’m in the FinTech industry. I work with a bunch of really smart people that just can’t open up their minds to change that could be so drastically disruptive.

Ultimately, I just keep my mouth shut and will just let them be late to the party. Even still, when the time comes, I am not going to revert to “I told you so”. Instead, I will welcome them in and begin to guide them to adoption. No reason to fault anyone that can’t envision this transformation.