Is it time for DCA again?



Has anyone started dollar cost averaging Bitcoin again? If not, are you planning to?

I did while it was hovering over $6000 and stopped after the support was broken.

I’m planning to start to buy more after the next drop to the $2500 - $3600 range.


I will probably stop this week. I am waiting as well. I hope this is the bottom, my instincts tell me it is not.
I am pooling my funds till we hit the bottom for sure.


Always time to dca bitcoin.


Been buying every $200 drop since $6500, like @Peter said, always a good time to DCA Bizzidy Bit my friends…I never thought I would ever have have the chance to own this many BTC


Do you guys use Coinbase or Coinbase Pro to DCA?
Coinbase has the scheduled buy feature, perfect for DCA but the freaking fee is so high.


Why did I see your name as BigDickYoda? I’m such a dirty person.


No. My card never got through the verification process in spite of multiple attempts. Never got the cents that it requires for verification purposes.


I never stopped. The best time to start is today.


I can’t help halting DCA when there’s drastic downward movement. Realistically, I don’t see Bitcoin bounce back sharply and shoot through the roof in a short period of time, there’s simply no catalyst for that in sight. I am expecting to see Bitcoin find another floor like it did around $6000 and move sideways for a while. Until the floor is confirmed, or I think it’s confirmed, I won’t resume DCA.

From the long term perspective, it doesn’t matter. All time is good time to invest in Bitcoin. Given that I do have a budget, I will seek to maximize the potential return. If I’m wrong, that’s ok. It’s all about learning. That could be a valuable lesson I can teach my son.


Good luck with your strategy brother. I don’t mean that tongue in check…nobody knows what’s going to happen, that’s precisely why I DCA. Floors can only be confirmed in retrospect.


i have been buying around $25-$50(money i would have spent on something stupid like pizza) every paycheck but im fairly new to the game so only time will tell how well this strategy works.


Dca is definitely a good approach. I have been doing this since I entered the market in April. In my newness I I assumed the floor was $6500 and then $6000.
I have also hit my initial goal for BTC. So now everything, just breaks down to more gains in the next Bull run.
I will probably just pool cash every week, as if I were still dca. When the price is right I will buy more. But for now, I am done-ish. I may dca this week before I stop.


This for sure DCA the Beeetchcoin and never stop


Could not help myself, bought more at @$3300.


It will work out fine bud… keep DCAing… When BTC goes up … whether you bought now or at 6000 will make little difference.



think long term rather short if your dca is the strategy of choice. DCA I think is the best psychological maneuver so you don’t feel bad when you buy during bear and keeps going to capitulation. think 2014 btc life