Is my antmier s9 supposed to be running this many TH/S


(Sorry for the terrible quality pic) Im testing out a couple s9 in this industrial building i have access to and one of my miners is running 42.95th/s well over the advertised 13 th/s. Has anyone run into this before? not really sure how i should remedy this… interested to hear some thoughts from the pub.


print screen key is your friend.


Then they’d have to scan the printed screen page to post here. OP saved a step, some ink, and a little dead tree. :grin:


Print screen key just takes a screenshot, it doesn’t actually print the page. But yeah, snipping tool is a good solution too.


Yea, I know :wink:

@ourtrippytribe, sorry for leading off your post with shit posts, those who can help will be around soon.


Anomaly. It would be awesome if actually possible. Screen capture is proof until proven otherwise. Cheers!


I did a couple recent screen shots and I’m still very confused by the volitility in Th/s of these devices. At times It will be as high as 42.95 Th/s then other times it will go down to a low of 7.16 Th/s, It also settles in quite often at 21.47 Th/s. If this is not common should i be worried about the health of my devices?

I’m new to mining and im basically experimenting with this old factory building to see if it is capable of hosting some miners, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!